YouTube Complete guide to Success Course

YouTube Complete guide to Success Course

This is a YouTube Complete guide to Success Course that helps you to get success in your YouTube videos channel and earn money easily. In this complete YouTube course, you can learn all about YouTube this complete guide gives you a lot of information and you can learn many things. This YouTube marketing course is for beginners and free of cost.

YouTube Complete guide to Success Course Outline:

1. 1_-_Introduction_to_the_course

• 1_-_Introduction
• 2_-_Why_YouTube
• 3_-_Pre-requisite-_Nothing_as_such
• 4_-_Where_to_start

2. 2_-_Getting_First_10K_Views_on_YouTube_-_7_Things_to_follow

• 5_-_YouTube_New_10K_Policy_for_Monetisation
• 6_-_Tip_Number_1
• 7_-_Tip_Number_2
• 8_-_Tip_Number_3
• 9_-_Tip_Number_4
• 10_-_Tip_Number_5
• 11_-_Tip_Number_6
• 12_-_Tip_Number_7

3. 3_-_YouTube_Creator_Studio_Basics-_Personal_and_Brand_Channel-_Channel_SEO_Tools

• 13_-_Section_Introduction
• 14_-_Things_To_Consider_Before_Creating_YouTube_Channel
• 15_-_Creating_Personal_YouTube_Account
• 16_-_Creating_Brand_YouTube_Channel
• 17_-_YouTub_SEO-_Channel_Description
• 18_-_YouTub_SEO-_Channel_Tags
• 19_-_Channel_Logo_And_Channel_Art
• 20_-_Creating_Channel_Logo_And_Channel_Art_for_FREE

4. 4_-_Rank_Higher_in_Search-_Things_To_Do_Before_First_Video_Upload

• 21_-_Section_Introduction
• 22_-_Why_to_wait_Start_Right_Away_

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