Ways for Kids to Make Money | Especially Students

Ways for Kids to Make Money | Especially Students



ways for kids to make money: Are you still going to school? With these 11 options, you can also make money as a kid or a student.


The question of how to earn money in addition to the school is one of the most difficult questions for many students. Because many young people who want to supplement their pocket money with a side job, have trouble finding one. And the younger one is, the harder the search becomes: teenagers who are only 13, 14 or 15 years old have the biggest problems finding an employer willing to hire them.


Sooner or later, every teenager has the experience that life can be quite expensive even at a young age. Whether for sweets, things to do with friends, PC games and accessories, etc. – the possibilities of spending money are endless, and pocket money is not enough in the back and the front. Admittedly, the opportunities for you to earn money as a student are not very sown, among other things because of the legal regulations that protect young people at work.


As we have described in our article Nebenjob from 16 years: earning money as a student, many employers set the minimum age for young people who are allowed to work for them at 16 years.


Nevertheless, there are well-established, time-flexible and compatible with the Youth Employment Act opportunities to earn money as a younger student. You do not have to find an employer for any of the student jobs that we have put together here: all these additional earnings can be tackled on your own, in other words, like your own small business.


Here we Discuss ways for kids to make money


Ways for kids to make money are:


With neighborly help to improve the pocket money:

If you have neighbors, you will also find a potential source of extra income. The method of offering neighbors their active support in return for payment has already proven itself many times and is used by many students to earn money.


There are very different tasks that teenagers in the neighborhood can undertake. For example, you can offer to do some shopping, mow the lawn, shovel snow in winter, dispose of waste paper and disposable bottles at collection points, bring rubbish bins to the street, weed weeds, or generally do garden work, especially in spring or fall. to help etc.


Older people like to fall back on the support of young people – and this is by no means unpaid and quasi-volunteer. If, in addition to completing the job, you also exchange a word or two with your “clients,” this interpersonal relationship usually works very well. So you can collect plus points and thus easier to follow-up orders. If you are lucky, your warmth will be rewarded with one or two additional Euros.


Such commissions can be settled in different ways: either you calculate a price per completion (for example for one-time lawn mowing, once snow shoveling, once shopping, etc.). Alternatively, you can set up a “standing order” and then the money will be paid weekly, for example. This billing method is especially useful if your long-term support is needed.




The classic money earning for students: As a babysitter or with child care

Babysitting is a classic among the ways students can make money. This mini-job is also possible for teens from the age of 13, however, responsibility is the alpha and omega for a babysitter. The pay can be very different depending on the region, your own age and the age of the children you care for. To find parents who are looking for a babysitter offers on the bulletin board or laying out leaflets in kindergartens, supermarkets, etc. offer. If you have proven to be a babysitter, that will certainly also get around and word of mouth care for other childcare children. In addition, there are on the Internet babysitting exchanges, where you can register as a babysitter for free.

Ways for Kids to Make Money


This student job can really bring fun: going for a walk or pet sitting

If you love animals, you probably will not find it a job to run dogs and get paid. This little sideline makes a lot of fun for many youngsters: give dogs the opportunity to run away and play. However, you should remember that the dogs also need a run when the weather should not be so good.


Doing a similar job as walking is when you look after animals such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals when the owners are on vacation.


Tip: There are care exchanges where Tier sitter can register for free. Betreut.de is one of these agency portals.


Make money with tutoring or homework help:

Also very useful is the additional earnings with tuition. This student job is suitable for all those students who are already a bit older and have good school performance. The money you can earn as a student depends, on the one hand, on the tutoring subject that you offer (are there many tutoring students who need help in this subject?), Your age, your own grade, or the school system, that you visit and not least of the region in which you live, because here too there are differences in the payment. it’s Best ways for kids to make money.


Those who do not want to specialize in a particular subject in which he gives tutoring can also work as homework help. If you’re generally good at school, you can help elementary school students with their homework, for example. Because there are more and more parents who are working and in the evenings find it difficult to find time to cook food, wash clothes, ironing, etc., or to control the homework of their offspring. However, it is important that you handle your task very responsibly and that you can help your postage.



By answering surveys, you can improve your pocket money on the PC:

Other ways for kids to make money. In this side job, your opinion is in demand: Market research institutes are not only interested in the views of adults, but even young people are also often in the focus of surveys. For some survey panels, young people from the age of 14 (some even 12 years and older) can register accordingly.



A list of reputable polling institutes (and the minimum age for participation) can be found in our article Making Money with Online Surveys or as a Product Tester.



The additional income with the mobile: How you can earn money by watching ads or small cell phone jobs

It is very much in the trend to make money with your mobile phone, for example by doing small, paid tasks in between and maybe even on the go with apps like Streetsport, Appjobber or ShopScout. However, these earning opportunities are usually only possible for young people from 18 years.

You can also join TVSmiles, even if you’re still a minor: With this app, you can use commercial breaks on TV to earn rewards. Because matching the commercials you will be shown small games and if you participate there, you get TVSmiles. You can collect your TVSmiles, which you have acquired so much, and later exchange them for vouchers from, for example, H & M or Zalando.




Sell ​​Used: Make money fast – online or offline

Even if you cannot imagine that you have things that other people could buy, it pays to scour your closet, (and maybe – with permission – the other family members), the basement, and the loft for items. You will probably find much more than you thought.


Of course, you can go to the flea market with all these things and bring them to the man there. But in addition, there are now a lot of ways to conveniently sell them online. On eBay, which is well-known, everything can be sold. If you want to sell your stuff via your mobile phone, you can also do it now: There are mobile flea market apps for this purpose, such as the eBay classified app. If you prefer to sell PC games, consoles, electronics, mobile phones, books, and DVDs at a fixed price, you can do that on the internet on various second-hand purchase platforms.

Used textiles, bags, and shoes, which are perhaps no longer top, but too bad for the container, you can sell on the Internet in one go at a fixed price, for example, the used- buy portal Momox.


Once you know what you’re doing, you can offer to others (relatives, friendly families, neighbors, etc.) to take over the sale of their used things and earn money – because maybe both sides are happy when the earnings are shared becomes?


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When it comes to youth protection, students are in demand as a test buyer

Of course, as a test buyer who helps with the review of whether the youth protection rules are observed in the retail trade, in discos, and at events, in restaurants or games outlets or at petrol stations, young people are predestined. Whether 15, 16, 17-year-old or full-age youth protection testers are used, the test buying agency and the respective project decides.




This is one of the best ways for kids to make money. The reviews for the app in the Google Play Store speak a clear language because many users award four or five stars. Actually, no wonder, because who the Slidejoy app installed on his phone, earned a few euros by the way, quite simply by doing what he already does several times a day: namely to unlock his phone.

That may sound a bit unusual at first. But it’s true: users of the app are rewarded for wiping over their lock screen. Then, you’ll see an ad that lets you do whatever you want: you can follow the ad and react to it, or you can just make the ad disappear with a swipe. No matter what you do, you still earn money. Not bad, right? Click here to download


Read more about the app in our article: 14 Best Apps to Make Money Fast



Cooperation in the sports club: As paid support for the coaches

In addition to the school, many young people actively engage in sports – and most of them even from childhood on. Often a coach is not enough for the group size of young footballers, handballers, volleyball players and other sports teams, but two well-paid coaches are already too much of a good thing for many sports clubs. Anyone who supports the coach as a young assistant coach can earn money as a student. Because even this volunteer effort is financially rewarded by most sports clubs.



Especially students are very much in demand as trend scouts

Teenagers are an important demographic target group. Anyone who has a keen sense of trends and is also able to form their own opinion (and to express it) could act as a trend scout for agencies and earn money as a student. You judge ad campaigns that are specifically aimed at young people or conduct group discussions in so-called focus groups. This is very well paid – with between 30 and 60 euros, trend scouts are partially paid. The owner of this student job: there are not many of these jobs and they are also in great demand.



Ways for kids to make money: Our additional tips that will help you earn money:

Lastly, four tips that you should take to heart if you want to earn as a student something besides.


  • If you’re a minor (especially those under the age of 16), it’s not easy to find a backup job in a company. So you should focus on not making money with just one job, but doing different things that can add extra income: money lapses. Many smaller jobs often bring in just as much money as a single side job – although it may be harder to deal with several things at the same time, often you are also much more flexible in terms of time than if you are only dependent on one employer.


  • Never neglect the school if you work as an afterthought because your graduation is more important for your entire life than a secondary job that you practice today.


  • Make advertising for yourself: Put down notes and make notices, if you want to earn money, for example, as a babysitter, as neighborhood helpers or with tutoring. Maybe you can distribute the handbills in person in the neighborhood and so directly make a lasting positive impression.


  • With any kind of extra income, you have to deal with people, you should also try outwardly to leave a good impression (remember that you will also often come into contact with adults who do not offensive piercings, hairstyles or clothes understand).


 These are Ways for Kids to Make Money. If you like our article comment below and share with your Friends.

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