Top 7 Best URL Shortener Sites

Top 7 Best URL Shortener Sites



Best URL Shortener: On the web, companies are increasingly using URL shorteners. Essential on some social networks, the link reducer has more than one trick in its bag! Customizable, regional, traffic booster, with statistics or not … In this article, I tell you more about its features and benefits. Come on, as a bonus, I draw you my TOP 7 of the best shorteners of the web. What will help you make your choice!


Link Reducer: Concept and Benefits


The Concept:

Let’s start with the base. What is a URL shortener? It allows you to transform the initial URL of the content you share on the web into a shorter URL. In addition, it is simple and free (in most cases). For example, look at the difference between the following two URLs:


As you can see by doing the test with the two URLs above, when we click on a shortened URL, we are automatically redirected to the destination URL!


Concrete benefits of Best URL Shortener:

Best URL Shortener has some significant advantages! Do we go around the most important ones?


  • Do you have a Twitter account or plan to create one? Then you must know that the message limit is 140 characters. In this context, shortening your URL is essential! Because by integrating a complete URL (about 50-60 characters), you may have to miss part of your brand message. That would be a pity!


  • Would you like to get statistics of the number of clicks on your link? By using a URL shortener, it’s possible! This saves you from having to use URL tagging, a somewhat complex process that allows you to access the statistics of your links by adding codes that are invisible to the user. Relatively tedious, this technique also tends to create extension URLs. Not great! best Shortened URLs are much more convenient!


  • You want to hide your original URL for one reason or another, especially because you want to hide an affiliation? The best URL shortener completely reshapes your destination URL, so it’s the right solution!

Finally, a shortened URL is more discreet and attractive than a massive link pointing to your site. By using it, you will have less risk of irritating your Internet users, especially if you publish very regularly.


Custom Best URL shortener based on your brand

Did you know? You can customize your URLs with the name of your brand. For example, the Axa brand uses this system.


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If the company chose this option, it means that it has many benefits, including:


  • Again in credibility, and improvement of its brand image. Yes, a custom URL does a good job immediately, adds brand awareness and differentiates it from competitors using non-personalized URLs.
  • Again invisibility. By incorporating the name of your brand also to your URL, you subtly hammer this name in the minds of Internet users on social networks.


Top 7 of the best URL shortener on the web:


You would like to opt for a link reducer, but you are lost among the string of those that exist on the web? So take a look at my TOP 7 of the best shortcuts on the web and make your choice!


The most complete: Bitly

Bitly is arguably the most used URL shortener, with 600 million shortened links per month. On the practical side, it is accessible without registration. It offers against those who want to create an account to access more features, including very accurate statistics.


Among the tracking features of the tool, we find:


  • The number of clicks on your link,
  • The date and time of the clicks,
  • The geographical location of the “clickers”,
  • The number of shares of your link on social networks,


In short, proper reporting!


Do you want more? This is great because the tool also allows you to organize and save the links created, as well as customize the URLs. It also offers a fun feature, Bitly Feelings. This tool expresses in the URLs to share the feeling that the content has provoked in you. For example, do you find that an article is exciting? So Bilty Feelings will incorporate the word “yay” into her URL.



Do you want to communicate about the humor of your content? This time, it’s a “lol” that the tool will add to your URL.


Etc. for many different feelings. Nice, no?


The Google Addict:

To shorten a URL via is to choose a functional URL shortener, proposed by the Google giant. Like Bitly, provides access to a number of statistics: a number of clicks, browser and operating system “clicks”, location … However, the links are not customizable.


Its main assets?


  • The presence of the Google brand within the shortened URL gives users confidence and maximizes click-through rate.
  • The links shortened by are controlled anti-spam, which gives you automatically more credibility.
  • Statistics for shortened URLs appear in Google Analytics because is linked to your Google Account.


The safest: Tiny URL

Launched in January 2002, Tiny URL is one of the very first URL shorteners. And he has more than one trick in his bag!


For example, the brand asserts on its home page that URLs shortened through its service will never expire. A guarantee not insignificant, because if your URL shortener disappears, the URLs that you have shortened thanks to it will no longer be accessible … An important point to consider when you make your choice!



In addition, the tool proposes a system of “pop-up”, which makes it possible to reveal the original URL when one passes the mouse over it. In appearance, this feature can be a real asset: many Internet users are often reluctant to click on a shortened link because they do not know where it will lead them. One more point for Tiny URL!


On the other hand, it must be admitted that the interface in English is really not very ergonomic.



The traffic booster:

The promises of are clear: “Get more traffic”, announces the site on its home page. To achieve this, it’s simple: you need to have a Stumble Upon account.


You can then shorten your URLs via, and Stumble Upon will offer them to its audience, which is 3.55 million users! Not bad is not it?


The interface provides graphical reporting, representing daily statistics related to your URL. You can even download a file containing all this information. Convenient to have them always at hand!


The simplest: is a minimalist but effective URL shortener. You enter your URL, you click on “Shorten”, and it’s already finished! In addition, the tool gives you access to statistics, and allows you to publish in one click your shortened URL on Twitter! Nice, no?


The regional:

Typically, Marseilles shortener, is for you if you want to proudly display your origin in your links!


Apart from this specificity, the tool does not offer a special option for tracking or reporting. And if its funny interface puts a good mood, the links obtained do not convey a very serious image.


And you, what URL shortener (s) do you use? Did you already know those of our selection? Using a custom shortener tempts you?


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