The Best Complete Intermediate SEO Course for Free

The Best Complete Intermediate SEO Course for Free


Search engine optimization is about Content Marketing, and Content Marketing is about SEO. Search engine marketing is not merely something which is done off the cuff there should be a plan implemented you will follow. Search engine marketing is growing rapidly and should you need to get in front of the game, you ought to start learning SEO today. If you are a newcomer to SEO, you should stick to the method of the white hat. Mastering SEO will also provide you with an additional advantage above your counterparts.

Not only it’s possible to use SEO to create a high traffic website, however, but you can also utilize it land high paying SEO clients. To tell the truth, SEO is a massive ocean and it’s a billion-dollar market. SEO has a custom of sucking you in and making you concentrate on the minutiae take the opportunity to genuinely understand your audience and buyer personas, subsequently developing a long-term strategy that delivers greater results. Local SEO is the custom of optimizing a site for searches based on a user’s present site. Performing SEO on your own websites is a fantastic way to practice and hone your search engine optimization ability.


Complete Intermediate SEO Course Outline:


  1. 1_-_Hello_and_welcome

  • 1_-_Recommended_background_for_this_course
  • 2_-_The_purpose_and_content_of_the_course



  1. 2_-_Week_1_-_Preparations


  • 3_-_Where_do_we_start
  • 4_-_The_right_keywords
  • 5_-_Onpage_audit
  • 6_-_Offpage_and_Social_Influence_audit
  • 7_-_Competition_analysis_and_GWT_-_Search_console
  • 8_-_Track_your_efforts_-_Preparation_final_touches


  1. 3_-_Week_2_-_First_links_and_articles

  • 9_-_That_s_how_you_get_to_100


  1. 4_-_Week_3_and_4_-_Links_links_links

  • 10_-_Build_and_report


  1. 5_-_Month_2_to_4_-_More_linkbuilding_options

  • 11_-_Getting_to_1000


  1. 6_-_SEO_in_the_Online_Marketing_and_Management_plan

  • 12_-_Guide_to_Online_Marketing
  • 13_-_Project_management_systems


  1. 7_-_Digging_into_Google_Analytics_like_great_SEOs_do

  • 14_-_Advanced_segments
  • 15_-_Goals_and_funnels
  • 16_-_Solutions_for_the_not-provided_data_and_other_GA_limits


  1. 8_-_What_does_not_constitute_SEO

  • 17_-_A_final_review_of_what_you_should_and_shouldn_t_do


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