Online data entry jobs | Data Entry from Home

Online data entry jobs | Data Entry from Home




In today’s world, everyone wants to make money in the best way.


If you are also looking for an easier method to earn with data entry jobs, then you are in the right place, at least for today. Online data entry jobs are one of the easiest jobs to make money online just sitting at your home. You will not believe that people are crazy about her. Indeed, it is one of the simplest tasks to make money, you just need a good typing speed!


Data entry is the act of transcribing some form of information into another medium, usually through entry into a computer program. Forms of data that people could transcribe handwritten documents, spreadsheet information, and sequence numbers as well as computer code and even names and addresses.


The online Data entry consists of copying and then integrate and manually save texts and documents in a database on behalf of companies or companies that requested the service. Currently, online data entry is increasingly done offshore by companies specializing in outsourcing services.


Online entry or data entry usually requires both perfect and fast typing capabilities. It also requires basic knowledge of the formatting of various texts and documents. It must be known that an online data entry operator must be able to enter several text formats and documents such as the pays lip entry, the CVs before the announcement before the ballot seizure or seizure of copies of birth


What is data entry?


Data entry is actually a very broad term that includes a number of professions. These include typists, electronic data processors, transcribers, coders, word processors, and clerks. And yes, many of these tasks can be performed from a remote location, but data entry from home can be very different from that in an office.


The way in which home-based or online data entry commands are executed can vary considerably.


Data entry operators who work for micro labor outfits that use crowdsourcing techniques can easily do small pieces of work for small amounts. This model is growing more often. Or perhaps some data entry employees still work for more traditional data entry companies, which often outsource business process companies. These people may receive an hourly rate per hour for an entire project.



How data entry pays


Most entry orders for home use are for independent contractors rather than employees (meaning no minimum wage is guaranteed). Data entry compensates employees who use a variety of tariff structures such as:


  • Hourly wage (rare)
  • Per item (common in crowdsourcing activities)
  • Impacts per hour or keystrokes per minute
  • Per word

So while data entry commands perform tests less quickly than transcription commands, if you’re not fast, you don’t earn much. Read more about how data entry jobs pay.


How to become an online data entry operator?

It has been said earlier that the job of online entry requires first and foremost a perfect mastery of typing. Perfect knowledge of the basic computer tools is also necessary. Having some secretarial skills can also be a significant asset.

Diploma question, online entry is a profession accessible from a secondary study certificate. However, people without a diploma or professional experience can become an online data entry operator if they are very well trained in typing. They then follow a small training of a few days to become familiar with the trade quickly.

Some Examples of tasks and data entry services online:


  • Payroll entry,
  • CVs of entry,
  • Invoice entry,
  • Product sheet entry,
  • The entry of purchase order,
  • Ad entry,
  • Newsletter entry,
  • The seizure of copies of birth.



The benefits of outsourcing online Data entry

Services outsourcing online data entry offers many benefits to companies that either financially or otherwise. For example, they allow companies to release unprofitable positions by entrusting the task to one or more offshore suppliers. This greatly helps them save time and deal directly with tasks related to their activities.



What will you need in Online Data Entry jobs?

You must be a good typist for her, that is the main requirement of this job. Especially those who are excellent at typing 10 keys are often qualified for data entry jobs.

You will need average KPH data entry speed for it. KPH means keystrokes per hour. If you have an average speed of 40-50 words per minute (WPM), then it is an advantage for you. You can earn decent money through it. more WPM more chances to make money. Here, I will show you a rough estimate of WPM and KPH that you will need for qualifying.


  1. Words per minute (WPM) = 40 (assuming each word of the 5 Letter)
  2. Strokes per minute (KPM) = 200
  3. Strokes per hour (KPH) = 12000


So if you have an average KPH speed of 12000 then you will be able to qualify and will be able to earn a decent amount.


Here I will show you the best sites for finding data entry jobs.



Fiverr: –


One of the best site for finding online data entry jobs. It is a job site where you can offer your data entry work for as little as $ 5. You can set $ 5 a minimal fee to do the basic work and will be able to pay more as your level goes up. It is always advisable to set your price as low as you can to start. You can find a good idea from the available sales pages to design your new sales page. Just go to Fiverr.


And he’s looking for data entry and verifying that you’ll find a huge list of sales pages that are saying, “I’m going to do the data entry” with a minimum price of $ 5.


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Just take the help of them to create your profile for the first time.

You will be paid when you have to fill the order placed by the customer.


Also, Check: Fiverr: Tips and tricks


Elance: –


It’s similar to oDesk in which you can create your profile and then work as a Freelancer, go through predefined user profiles to create a good looking profile and also set a minimum price for the first time.


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Just go to these websites to start your income through data entry jobs.


oDesk: –


It is one of the world’s most recognized workplaces for freelancers. To work on data entry jobs, you will need to create a complete profile with your skills listed in it and also do not forget to put your minimum payment as low as you can for the first time.

Just go to oDesk.

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Just click on “Post a Job!” and start working with them. Also, search for some data entry jobs to getting an idea of ​​how to Make/Design your page. Just search for “data entry”. You will find a list of people who offer their data entry with more details.


People Per Hour

People per Hour is a site offering a large community of freelancers ready to help you in the accomplishment of your tasks. For this, the site offers 4 different formulas: search for a simple fixed-price service, post yourself a service request, contact directly freelances that interest you or launch a competition between several providers to obtain several proposals and not retain than the best.

You have a complete dashboard that allows you to easily manage your exchanges and payments with your different partners. People per Hour also uses a scoring system that protects you from unpleasant surprises. Here you can find many jobs on Data entry and earn money with online data entry jobs.


Data entry from Home

Although many companies only allow those who are internally trained to work offsite, data entry can often be done from home. However, keep in mind that since data entry from home is almost always done by independent contractors, who are not subject to minimum wage laws and who compete with a global workforce, the wage is usually even lower for home workers.


Where to find legitimate online data entry


To find legitimate leads for data entry, consult these companies that offer online data entry.

In addition, the companies in these lists can offer similar work:


  • BPO jobs from home
  • Worldwide homework
  • Find micro assignments


These profiles of popular home-based data entry companies include information about salaries, the application process, and the type of work that is available.


  1. Axion data services
  2. Clickworker
  3. DionData solutions
  4. Quicktate
  5. Scribie
  6. VirtualBee
  7. Work solutions


These are the best online data entry website and they pay a handsome income.



Data Entry Scams

Attempting to report data entry scams on legitimate data entry orders requires careful research and common sense. Common sense tells you that low-skilled jobs never pay high wages. And legitimate salaries for data entry are usually low. It follows that data entry jobs that promise a lot of money are scams. Careful research will help you find legitimate work-at-home opportunities.


They may ask for a small fee to “show that you are serious”. These are all significant signs of homework scams. The hooks of these fake data entry options fall into a few different categories.


Data entry scams can look like:

Affiliate Marketing – Sometimes data entry frauds are real marketing opportunities for partners. These are often referred to as ‘non-traditional data entry’. And although affiliate marketing is a legitimate home business, this scam is the misleading advertising, promises of large earnings, and fees for free information available.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick and easy way to make money. You must build a website, attract traffic and generate sales. Nobody can sell you a legitimate turnkey operation that can do this.


Along the same lines, there are opportunities to work from home, where you have to place ads on online forums. These opportunities and some affiliate marketing may well be pyramid schemes because they only or mostly pay based on recruiting more advertising posters.


Classes, Business Kits, Training, Certification, etc. – Often, non-traditional data entry (or real affiliate marketing) “opportunities” are only tutorials about affiliate marketing, which may or may not be useful.


Other scams for data entry may sell classes, training, or certification that could help you find a job or work according to the company. Although some specialized data entry commands, such as medical or legal transcription or medical coding, require special training, most do not. Carefully examine any training or certification that you choose to do.


Transcription tasks – Transcription is a form of data entry. Scam, scams that are designed to look like transcription tasks often require paid training or a fee for a list of employers. There may be tests or administrative costs. A scam is to require applicants to take a test (which is not unusual for legitimate data entry assignments), but everyone or almost everyone fails. But for a fee, you get a “job” with remedy training. “See Legitimate Transcription Jobs.


Medical Encoding and TranscriptionData entry scams related to medical encoding often require you to pay for fake certification or training. These sometimes also offer ready-made business opportunities. These are not legitimate. See Legitimate Medical Transcription Jobs.


Process discounts Scam – The advantage of these work-at-home scams is that you earn money by filling in online forms; everything you need is available.


This is your classic bait and switch scam. You send $ 150 – $ 200 or more for a program that allows you to “process discounts at home.” In the best case scenario, you get information that you can get elsewhere for free about setting up an internet company. In the worst case, you are addicted to a home-on-house scam where you use your money to process discounts, but that are never reimbursed.


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