Make money with PayPal | PayPal Tips

Make money with PayPal | PayPal Tips



Do you want to earn money with PayPal? That opportunity is very present if you have found this page.


Maybe you are about to create a PayPal account and you are curious about how other people will earn money with this. It may also be that you already have an account but don’t really do much with it yet, and you are curious to make money with it


Anyway, on this page, I will tell you how some internet entrepreneurs earn a lot of yellow, all via Paypal.


1 About PayPal …

2 How Can You Make Money with PayPal?

2.1 Sell   services or products

2.2 Donations received via PayPal

3 How does PayPal make money itself?

3.1 Making Money with Your “Hobby” via PayPal


About PayPal …

I am not going to tell you about the entire development of PayPal (although this is extremely interesting), if you still want to know more about this, I recommend you to read the book by Elon Musk (current Tesla and SpaceX top man)


As you may already know, PayPal is one of the best-known ways of paying online.


Some people only pay with PayPal. Often this happens because paying just a bit easier than with ideal. You can pay immediately with a username and password.


To discourage this, many web stores charge extra costs. When you pay with PayPal they do not receive this money directly, if you do pay via ideal



What I am going to tell you is how you can earn money through PayPal.


How Can You Make Money With PayPal?

Before you can start earning money with me PayPal it is important that your account is fully approved.


Payment service providers such as PayPal are legally obliged to confirm your identity. After this has happened you will receive a so-called verified account. This way PayPal knows that the bill really belongs to you.



Sell services or products

Making money with PayPal is usually done by offering and selling your own service or product. Whether you design and sell t-shirts yourself or organize travel: there is a good chance that payment via PayPal is by far the easiest.


When you have no products or services to offer, there is another very lucrative option to make money, namely affiliate marketing.


This is much simpler than it seems. Every time people purchase a product (someone else’s product) via your unique link, you receive a commission for this.


There are plenty of affiliate programs that pay out via PayPal. These are usually programs on the internet /software/website theme niche. Often these are also the programs with recurring commissions, which is of course even better.



In addition to receiving commissions for your PayPal, it is often also possible to have it deposited directly to your bank account. It usually takes a little longer before you have your money.


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First I want to tell you how you can earn money through PayPal with your hobby.


Donations received via PayPal

When you do something online that other people find valuable, such as sharing information or providing entertainment, you can give the opportunity to donate.


You will be surprised how much some people would like to support you financially for what you do. If you give value, you will get it back in most cases!


This form of making money with PayPal is becoming less and less “taboo” with the rise of major media channels. More and more people are therefore realizing that EVERYTHING on the internet is maintained and made by other people.


This is how you create a PayPal donation page

It is fairly simple to create a PayPal donation page. This is also called a page.


The video below explains how you can easily create such a page. You can then post this on your personal blog or on your YouTube channel.


Now that you have created a page, you can share the link on that page. This way people can go to the special page where they can donate.


How does PayPal earn money itself?

Now you may also ask yourself how PayPal itself makes money. PayPal mainly earns money by calculating costs per transaction: the transaction fee


This is often a fixed amount per transaction plus a percentage of the amount that you transfer. You can imagine that with the millions of transactions that take place daily with PayPal worldwide, quite a bit of money is earned.




Make Money with Your “Hobby” via PayPal

Do you like to make videos or do you like to play games?


Then it may just be that making money with PayPal is really something for you. The vast majority that is earned with videos and streaming services goes through PayPal.


YouTube + Patreon

You probably know that YouTubers earn a lot of money. The income of a large YouTuber is much more than just advertisement income. In fact, this is often only about half of the entire income.


The big money is earned with affiliate marketing, collaborations, and sponsorship deals.


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Patreon is a kind of intermediary between PayPal and users. With Patreon you can sign up to donate money to someone once or every month.


It is also possible to place content on your personal Patreon page that only people who support you with monthly donations have access to.


Since the YouTube ” Apocalypse “, which in short meant that YouTubers could suddenly generate up to half the advertising revenue, Patreon has grown enormously.


Twitch Streaming – Making Money with Gaming

Both donations and subscriptions are all arranged through PayPal.


There are now several parties that act as intermediaries in the payment traffic between streamer and PayPal. Stream labs is a popular intermediary.


This is a complete app to make a streamer as easy as possible. You can of course also link your PayPal to Stream labs to create even better donation pages.


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A YouTube channel that donates huge amounts to Random Twitch streamers via PayPal (and stream labs) is the Mr. Beast channel


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