How to make money with Fiverr: Tips and tricks

How to make money with Fiverr: Tips and tricks

When it comes to making money online anyone would think that it is necessary to have a blog or micro niche. Of course, it would be ideal and the most common, however, there are many sites that we can use to promote and offer our services in a professional manner without having to deal with a blog.

If you find a way to earn money through job offers sites like Fiverr, you will no longer be earning money as a Blogger, but as a freelancer and you can do it in this Anglo-Saxon market as in Spanish alternatives or clones from the same site.

Table of Contents

1 Why start at Fiverr?
2 What can I offer at Fiverr?
3 Creating an offer in Fiverr (Gig)
4 Statistics of your Gig
5 Final tips to grow in Fiverr

Why start at Fiverr?

I take Fiverr as an example since it is one of the most popular sites and of great reference for sites such as NBC, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, etc.

Another factor that I consider when using Fiverr in the first place is the popularity it has, thousands of daily visits and users ( buyers ) from all over the world. Here we have other great advantages.

What I’m going to explain is based on my experience and tests carried out on the site, no paid e-books or affiliate links -which, incidentally, do not exist in Fiverr- but that is pure reality.

While it is true that you can generate stable income through Fiverr, you can also do it as a complement to another activity that you devote as a network of blogs, affiliate marketing revenues, Adsense, Infolinks or direct advertisers in your blog. In the end, all the money generated will be your monthly income.


What can I offer in Fiverr?

At this point I suppose that you already have an account created in Fiverr, it is easy and fast so you can enter your home web and select the registration option.

How to make money with Fiverr

You do not need to have any level to start offering your services in Fiverr, but to be very creative. First I recommend you to be very clear about the field in which you will offer your services, which are:

Designs: You can offer your services related to graphic design, banner creation, business logos, executives or personal blogs, creation of covers for ebooks, Web design and site management interfaces, landing pages for sales sites, business cards, etc.

This category is in great demand and I have bought it, however, you must have a lot of skill in handling programs as well as an interesting portfolio to offer.

Marketing: This includes everything related to strategies to get visits, sales, and income on the web. If you have knowledge of programs or ways to generate link building or SEO, even with automatic programs, you can do it.

We also offer jobs related to marketing in social networks, domain research, mentions or reviews in blogs, etc.

Note: Fiverr’s gigs about SEO are mostly bad, however, I have tried a good amount to use in different levels of TIERS for blogs and micro niches and they have worked for me.
If you use this type of programs like Scraper, Seonuke, GSA or similar to get automatic links you can offer in this field, it is very requested.

Writing: If you master several languages you can offer your translator services from $ 5, remember that it is the minimum for what you can offer for your work, however – as I mentioned before – your ingenuity depends and you can offer a more expensive Gig but with a better service.

The writing services in Fiverr are very requested, remember that all users with a blog need content and in this market, you can offer to write 500 for $ 5. Compared to other places or communities it is a good price since they offer you at least 25% more.

Video and animation: You can create short commercials, 3D animations, testimonials, introductions for Youtube channels, etc.

Multimedia: Here everything related to music goes, such as guitar lessons, modification of melodies, a creation of ringtones, sound effects, narrations, etc.

Programming: If you are related to the blogosphere you will know what this category is about to offer in Fiverr. If you master programming languages as well as content managers such as Joomla, WordPress, analysis, and creation of reports, the creation of applications via web and mobile, etc.

There are also other categories where you can leave your offer in Fiverr, however, these are the ones with the highest demand and the most money generated in the community.

Creating an offer in Fiverr (Gig)

Creating GiG On  Fiverr


Now that you have everything clear, we will create our offer or Gig and success will depend on it. First, I recommend you to explore the available gigs a bit and sort them by popularity, review the description of the gig and see what you can offer differently and uniquely.

For example, the graphic design category is in great demand. Here you could offer to create logos at least $ 5 or $ 10 and if you can create say $ 5 a day you would have a $ 25 to $ 50 dollars generated daily with few hours of work.

Take into account that the Fiverr system automatically recognizes your location, however when creating a gig you can add the languages you speak in case your buyers want to contact you for some details or doubts.

I recommend that whenever you receive questions related to a possible purchase of your Gig update your offer to explain more details and increase the number of purchases.

Your gig consists of several fields such as Title, Category, Description, Labels, duration or delivery time of your work and instructions to the buyer. The latter is only visible automatically to the person requesting your service.

What will impact your potential customers is the title and description. This is where they must have a lot of ingenuity to create your job offer and the popularity that this may have among so much competition. As I told you before, create a unique gig in Fiverr and the ranking of your offer will go up quickly.

Two data are very important to make a difference: Title and description. The first has a length of 80 characters. Eye, are not words, but characters, so you must be specific when selling.

In the description, you can use 1,200 characters with the help of the editor that at least has the basic options to format our content, get attention and get more buyers. I recommend using the subtracter, a medium to large text size and everything used to Clickbank’s landing page style 😉

Always try to be very precise with the description, remember that the amount of space is limited and therefore you should know how to take advantage of it. Do not fill this field with palaver, here you will not position based on keyword stuffing but you will offer what you really know how to do.

Select your labels related to the service and the delivery time. It is very important to comply before the stipulated time since the users or buyers are very demanding and can cancel your service which could make you waste the time used to finally realize that your service has been canceled.

Your gig does not require approval to be published in Fiverr and I recommend using the promotion system in the beginning to increase your sales. This is the same as hiring advertising via Adwords to sell your products on the web.

Remember that you can also add images to your offer in Fiverr, so look for the best quality and size related to the category.

Statistics of your Gig




We have already published a gig in Fiverr and we are ready to start earning money, it only requires a little patience and starts to see the statistics of your offer.

To see the details of how many times your Gig visited in Fiverr, you must select your profile> My Sales> My Gigs.

Here you can see your active offers, the number of impressions, clicks received and orders placed. In the ” analytics ” option you have access to what you have earned in the month, the merchant score, a map with the origin of your purchases, conversion of your offer, etc.

Final tips to grow in Fiverr

Fiverr is available in Spanish for user reading, however, communication between merchants or users is in English as the main language.

You can also have clients from Latin America so it is important to add the languages you speak to your profile.

You will need a basic level of English to be able to understand and communicate, although you can use an online translator such as Google Translate.

You will need a Paypal account to receive payments, but once you deliver the service this money will not come immediately. It may take up to 2 weeks to send you the payment. Consider that by offering services for $ 5 you will only receive in your Fiverr 4 $ net account since the platform also receives its commission for business carried out. Did you think that everything is free?

Once you receive the payment in your Paypal account, this platform will also charge your commission. In summary, for every $ 5 you will end up receiving less than $ 4.

You can apply to have a prepaid Fiverr MasterCard card, something Payoneer style so if you live in the United States and have plans to make a lot of money in Fiverr you can apply.

Make money in Fiverr if possible and I hope that these tips have been very useful to start creating your business as a freelancer in the network.

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