How to Make Money with Clickbank

How to Make Money with Clickbank



( How to Make Money with Clickbank ) We are always looking for new ways to make money. Today, we come back with a method that should please the greatest number — affiliation with ClickBank.

Indeed, thanks to Clickbank, it is possible to earn 500 euros per month or more if you put energy and especially time.


Since its creation in 1998, ClickBank has been a growing success across the Atlantic. So that it spread in France in 2010. The company offers an interesting concept that can earn income in two ways.

  • By selling your products.

  • Or, and this is especially that part that will interest us, by promoting some products that are not yours. So you sell for people of the first category.


The concept is, therefore, simple to understand. Here are step by step procedures to increase your chances of having a good income supplement with ClickBank.


How to Make Money with Clickbank and Earn 500 euros per month:


Clickbank is today the No. 1 planetary affiliate. It is therefore not surprising that webmasters particularly appreciate this platform. With a catalog of more than 40,000 very diverse products, there is something to promote!

If Clickbank is unanimously recognized for the services it offers, it is also because it allows developing a close link between seller and affiliate.

Indeed, both entities can easily get in touch. This point makes it easier for the affiliate to promote the seller’s product. Implicitly, you understand that you can make money with ClickBank in two ways:


How to Make Money with Clickbank By being a seller:


You are the creator of a product, but you have difficulties in marketing it for cost reasons. If you are in this case, why not try to sell it on Clickbank?

Here’s the procedure to follow:

  1. Create a seller account.
  2. Drop your product (s) on the platform. Then indicate the commission that you will propose to affiliates who will sell it.
  3. All you have to do is wait for one or more affiliates of the site to promote it. They will lead to sales, and you will start making a profit.

Thus, Clickbank will allow you to have a real network of commission paid salespeople to promote and sell your product. Welcome outsourcing if you start! It will also allow you to become known through different channels. It’s up to the affiliates to manage that: sites, social networks, or whatever.


How to Make Money with Clickbank by Being affiliated


Affiliation is to promote the products available in the Clickbank catalog.

For this, all means are good. Of course, the ultimate goal is for as many people as possible to buy the product so you can maximize your revenue. This method will allow you to earn 500 euros per month.

Remember that you only get paid when a sale is made through a commission of up to 75% of the selling price of the product. So do your best to sell this product, whatever the commission!

It is on this affiliation program proposed by Clickbank that we will look. It will be the subject of our advice to help you optimize your income.


How to earn $ 500 a month by selling affiliate products with Clickbank?


To optimize your income on this platform by being affiliated, simply follow our five following steps.


Step 1: Create a Clickbank Account:

This is the first step to start in the affiliation program offered by Clickbank.

To do this, go to and fill out the form as an affiliate (and not as a seller, be careful).

Be careful about your contact details and choose a neutral user name. Indeed, opting for a ridiculous pseudo may be a real drag on the purchase for some Internet users because remember that your nickname will be visible potential buyers. The seller of the product, he will not appreciate that his product is associated with a negative image.

Step 2: Choose the product you want to promote

Now that you are registered on Clickbank, you will be confronted with an essential step in the optimization of your income: the choice of products to promote.

For this, you will have to go to the marketplace to discover the catalog of products for sale.

Very sincerely, if you already have one or more websites, we invite you to focus on products belonging to the same theme. Your experience with this theme will undoubtedly help you sell the product.

If, on the other hand, you do not have Internet sites, we invite you to consult the statistics of each product which are available on the market place.

You will see those who are popular with users and those who do not find takers. Based on these statistics, your knowledge of the markets but also the commission percentages offered by the seller, you should be able to choose the products that suit you.

For example, promoting a product you have enjoyed will be easier than promoting a product you do not know about.

Once you have chosen a product, you will be given an affiliate link. Thus, every time a user buys the product after clicking on your link, you will receive money.


Step 3: Promote your products effectively


Now that you have your affiliate link, you will have to promote your products effectively. Getting started is not an easy task, especially as you will find yourself facing other more experienced affiliates.


For this, we recommend using these methods:


How to Make Money with Clickbank by Creating articles with links:

To invade the Web, write various articles on topics related to the product you want to promote and, of course, your affiliate link. This will allow you to reference the product on the Web and make yourself known.

How to Make Money with Clickbank

To make your job easier, we recommend publishing your articles on the many free news sites available on the Web. Do not neglect the quality of the content; it is he who will bring visitors.


The creation of blogs or websites to make Money with Clickbank:

To position yourself in the search engines, creating a website or blog can be a great idea.

After, it’s up to you to ensure that the content of your site is rich and especially in the theme of / products that you want to promote.

You will then be able to place your affiliate link in the content of your website. Better, the seller will be able, at your request, to provide advertising banners of different formats to install on your website.


How to Make Money with Clickbank with the use of social media:

In recent years, social networks have taken a prominent place in society.

Also, publishing your affiliate link on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (depending on the type of product!) Can offer great opportunities for winnings after you optimize your presence on social networks.

How to Make Money with Clickbank

These three methods are, in my opinion, the most interesting to promote your affiliate products on the web.

Of course, if you can, do not hesitate to combine all three to fully maximize the income you can earn.


Step 4: Get your pay

Once you have sold at least five products and you have reached the payment threshold you have set yourself, you will be able to earn the commissions you owe.


Step 5: Improve your product promotion

To try to earn 500 euros per month (or more) with Clickbank, we invite you to ensure statistical monitoring of each of your links to see those who report and those who are useless.

Thus, after several months, you will have sufficient knowledge of the web and linking to optimize your income.

That’s it, you now have all the information you need to make money with Clickbank, and you just have to get started if you want, in your turn, to try to win 500 euros per month. It requires research, a little analysis, tests of different methods, and especially time and perseverance. But the return on investment is guaranteed!


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How to Make Money with Clickbank

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