How to Get Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy

How to get free PayPal money fast and easy


How to Get Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy (without investing) and quickly? Is it possible to do it without doing anything?


Many Internet users ask themselves this type of question. They would like to be able to quickly receive a transfer to their PayPal account – and thus get the money that can be used to make multiple purchases on the internet.

earn paypal money instantly


You are probably looking for methods:


  • Free: we do not ask you to pay anything to enjoy it.
  • Fast: to face an urgent need, or to be able to benefit from your gains quickly.


In this article, I will introduce you to the different methods that can allow you to know how to get free PayPal money fast and easy.


You will be able to quickly replenish your PayPal account by playing, watching advertisements, reading e-mails, … without having to spend money.


But that’s not all.


You will also find at the end of the article more complex methods, which could allow you to obtain more significant PayPal transfers. You will see that they sometimes require a lot of work and that you will, unfortunately, have no guarantee of income.


They can still be worth it if you want to be able to pocket several hundred euros each month.



In this article, you will not find any “PayPal hacks” to get free money – tips that are supposed to help you magically increase your PayPal balance.


Why? Simply because it’s impossible!


If you are in a hurry, here is a summary table showing what I consider to be the 5 best methods to make money on your PayPal account:

Method Free


Earnings Recommended sites for making money PayPal
Paid Surveys Yes **** My AccountGaddinGreenPantheraClixsense
Paid mails Yes *** Mailorama, Moolineo, Loonea
Cashback No ***** iGraalPoulpeoeBuyClub
“Multi-pay” sites Yes **** Ba-clickClick-itGPT1
Income-generating applications Yes **** AppLikeAppVipUlikeShopmium


Sites and profitable applications: Earn free PayPal money 


There are many remunerative sites, which will allow you to obtain earnings on your PayPal account.


Note that the majority of them will need to be over 18 to register. If this is not your case, you can ask your parents to “sign up for you”, or read my article dedicated to spending money.



Before registering, I suggest you use an email address specifically dedicated to these sites.


Why? Just because these sites may send you many emails. This will make it easy for you to separate your personal emails from the email messages that would accumulate in your personal inbox.


Answer polls to earn money PayPal:

Paid Surveys



SMEs and large companies are constantly looking to improve their offer. And for that, some of them will seek to collect consumer opinions about:


  • One of their off Product t s: is it effective enough? What improvements could be made?
  • Of their service offer: is it satisfactory to customers?


And for that, they will use the services of paid surveys platforms. Platforms that will allow you to collect a few cents to several euros per survey completed – sums that will generally depend on the time needed to respond.


MonOpinionCompte is one of the references on the subject. Each poll gives you points based on the time required to complete them –  between 0.75 and 0.25 euros per survey.

The payment threshold for PayPal transfers is set at only 2.5 euros.


MySurvey offers you up to 5 euros per survey completed. You can complete your winnings by answering polls by phone or videoconference.

It is possible to request a payment via PayPal once your account has been credited with 10 euros.


Gaudin is a private panel of consumers who will be put in touch with companies. The payment threshold by PayPal is set at 20 euros.


GreenPanthera offers to participate in many surveys, in different themes (food, clothing, appliances, …). You can get 4 euro’s bonus when you register.

Note, however, that the payment threshold is relatively high ($ 30), and it will take several days to receive your PayPal transfer.



Do I have to answer all the polls that are proposed to me?


No, you can perfectly select surveys based on their “profitability” – and only respond to those who offer attractive remuneration for a limited time needed.


Note that you will sometimes be limited by the number of proposals you will receive – especially if your profile is not sufficiently attractive to these companies. Indeed, they may tend to favor certain profiles (such as the famous “purchasing manager”) to the detriment of other categories (students, unemployed, …).


Get paid for Reading E-mails

get free money right now,


Your mailbox is flooded with advertising, which does not bring you anything? Know that it is now possible to receive financial compensation, directly on your PayPal account, to read simple e-mails.


Called “paid email sites”, they allow brands to broadcast their commercial offers. These sites will be able to earn money – and will pay a (big) part to their members.


On your side, you do not have to click on the links diffused in these letters, nor to buy anything. Be aware that some of these sites will offer you more attractive compensation to sign up for offers (free or paid).


The benefits are many:


  1. It’s easy: no need to have a specific skill
  2. It’s fast: you can start immediately, and payments are usually sent the same day
  3. It’s free: you will not need to invest any euro
  4. You can withdraw your earnings on your PayPal account


The problem is that it will not allow you to make a lot of money: only a few cents per reading. And these sites will impose “waiting times” between two readings, to ensure that you remain attentive.


Tip: you can perfectly register simultaneously on several websites. This will allow you to accumulate earnings, and to receive each month several euros on your PayPal address.


  • Moolineo allows you to pocket a penny for each mail reading. You will also find 16 other methods to win money (quizzes, paid tests, cashback, …).

The payment threshold with PayPal is fixed at 15 euro.


  • Loonea has a look almost identical to that of Moolineo. The reason? The platform is managed by the same company. With similar conditions of remuneration and withdrawal, you can find additional offers.


  • Mailorama is one of the pioneers of paid email. It will also allow you to earn time by reading.

You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal once you have accumulated 20 euros on your account.


Get Cashback

how to get free PayPal money fast and easy


This is probably one of the best ways to receive money on your PayPal account: Cashback.


This system, which has existed for several years in France, will allow you to receive a refund on each of your purchases.


How to do? All you need to do is order an item through the cashback site to receive a deposit on your kitty:


Why are cashback sites ready to give me money?


They find their account, rest assured! Each time you place an order on one of their partner sites, they will be able to pocket a small commission. And the money he’s going to give you back is simply a percentage of that commission.


But that’s not all: these platforms also offer you the benefit of promotional codes – discount codes that can be combined with your cashback discount.


Interested? Here are some trusted sites to enjoy:


iGraal is the number one cashback in France. With over 1600 e-commerce partners, you will certainly find shops that appeal to you. iGraal will allow you to pocket 10 euros upon registration, without any obligation. Note that you will have to accumulate 20 euros on your account to withdraw your earnings with PayPal.


Ebuy-club offers you 3 euros for registration. The site regularly offers “boosted rates” (called “cashback”), which will only work on your first purchase.

The amount of your kitty can be transferred to your PayPal account once it has reached the sum of 15 euros.


Poulpeo also offers 3 euros to welcome you. The site was developed by the company RetailMeNot, the world leader in online tips.

The payment threshold to your PayPal address is fixed at 10 euros.


Shoop was designed by the company behind the Deals platform. You will be able to pocket 10 euros when registering (or 15 euros if you are already a Delibes member). The site offers repayments of up to 22% from renowned partners. You can withdraw your earnings on PayPal with a payment threshold of 10 euros (excluding bonus).



To know: all these sites will offer you automatically qualify for cashback. You will be able to install a Web extension (if you order from a computer) or an application (if you plan to buy products with your smartphone).



Earn Free PayPal Money with (Get Paid to) Sites



Hard to choose between cashback, emails and paid surveys? Know that there are sites that include all these income-generating methods through which you will be able to receive your earnings directly to your PayPal account.


Called multi-pay sites like as “Get Paid to”), they will allow you to earn free Paypal money instantly. They can be very diverse, such as:


  • Follow a Twitter account
  • Going to a web page
  • Read an advertising mail or subscribe to a newsletter
  • Communicate your personal information to a partner site


To help you get started, I have selected for you some reliable platforms of this type:


Click-it offers various missions, each of which will allow you to collect chips. The site has already distributed more than 300,000 euros to its French-speaking users.

You can receive a PayPal payment of 10 euros, once you have 245 chips.


Ba-click allows you to earn “Coins” by participating in various missions, free or paid.

Do not want to spend? You can reach quickly enough, without investing anything, the payment threshold (5 euros) to request a transfer via PayPal.


GPT1 offers you 17 “offerwalls” listing the offers of its partners. The site claims to return 80% of its earnings to its members. It will pay you in “Tokens”, which can then be exchanged for euros.

Four ranks will allow you to increase your winnings as you progress: bronze, silver, gold, and demand.

If the site allows you to request a PayPal payment with no minimum threshold, it will charge a “tax” of 15 cents on each of your withdrawals.


Swagbucks does not seem very well known in France yet. He nevertheless figures of reference, with p almost 200 million euros already donated to its members.

This site allows you to earn “SB” for each action taken: internet search, online purchase, survey response, … These SB can then be easily converted into a PayPal transfer, with a payment threshold of only 5 euros.


Gbonus is a site from Germany, which offers many paid offers. The payment threshold is fixed at 5 euros, and the payment will be made automatically every Sunday.



Earn PayPal Money Quickly by Playing Games


Some sites offer profitable games, which will allow you to bail out your PayPal account.


This is the case of Win-it, which offers you 4 games that will allow you to earn points. You can make a withdrawal request to your PayPal account from 50,000 points (5 euros).



Feel free to click on this link to subscribe to Win-it.


Applike also allows you to earn PayPal money to download and test games. You will be able to recover mCoins, which can be exchanged for euros. Note that the amount of pocket will depend on the time you spend on these games.

earn free paypal money

The application allows you to earn 0.50 euros during registration. You can withdraw your earnings to transfer them to your PayPal account with a low payment threshold, set at 0.40 euros.


Test applications

Do you usually try new apps?


AppVip pays you for each application installation.


You will then have to provide your opinion about the applications you have downloaded. To do this, you will complete a multiple choice questionnaire with questions such as these:


  • did the application seem useful to you?
  • Is it convenient to use?
  • Would you recommend it to your loved ones?

You can receive between 10 and 20 cents (in the form of Vipiz) once your test has been validated by the moderation teams AppVip. The site also allows you to get extra Vipiz if you use the service regularly.


FeaturePoints is an Android and iOS application that offers you many applications to test. You earn points each time you download one of the applications presented to you:

You will be able to withdraw your money via PayPal, starting from 3 dollars of gains.


Interested (e)? I invite you to click on this link to register and to use my invitation code: 8W4NXX.


CashPirates is an android app, which also allows you to earn PayPal money for free by testing apps.



You can earn between 60 and 90 points for each test application – and get a bonus of 100 points if you keep more than 3 days one of them on your smartphone.


Payments may be requested from 2500 points ($ 2.50).


Feel free to click on this link to register. You can use my invitation code (JHSCYO) to receive 500 points as soon as you reach the 1,000-point mark.


Monetize the Unlock screen of your smartphone


Some applications will pay you … to install a simple lock screen!


You can save several euros every month, without having anything special to do – euros that you can then pay into your PayPal account.


I recommend Ulike (only for Google Play). This application allows you to earn Upoints (1000 Upoints worth € 0.40) if you install the lock screen it offers.


Ulike also offers other income-generating methods. You will be able to earn money by:


  • Watching videos (50 Upoints per view)
  • Downloading applications (100 to 1000 Upoints per download)
  • Participating in quizzes (12 500 Upoints)

You will easily be able to bail out your PayPal account once your kitty has reached the 5 Euro mark.


You can download the application by clicking on this link. Feel free to use my referral code to get a bonus when registering: uKDm7Ci.


Sponsor other users


The sponsorship, a method to obtain earnings with PayPal

Most of the applications and profitable sites that I presented to you offer an advantageous solution to receive money on your PayPal account: it is the sponsorship.


The principle? You recommend an application or site to users, and you can recover:


A lump sum for each godchild you sponsor ez: for example, 1 euro for each entry

and or

A part of the earnings of your referrals (for example, 10% of what they will win)

If you do not have a website or a well-tracked social account, it may be complicated. In this case, I suggest you turn to the platform, which allows you to easily recruit new referrals.


Sign up for quizzes


To become known, many companies decide to organize quizzes. For that, you just have to leave your details, and answer some questions. You’ll enjoy potential opportunity gains, s years having to depend on per single euro.


Some sites repertory these games, and add more than a dozen per day. Here are my two favorites:



Most of the games on offer allow you to win prizes: tickets to an amusement park, a games box, a magazine subscription, etc. However, some games will also allow you to pocket winnings directly to your account. PayPal.


Earn euros by doing your shopping

And yes, you will be able to bail out your PayPal account while shopping!


To do this, simply use the Shopmium application (you can register by clicking here).


You can find refund offers, offered in supermarkets around you. You just have to buy one of the items offered by Shopmium, and scan your receipt.


Here are the different types of promotions that are offered:


  • x% discount on the purchase of one or more products
  • a product bought = a product offered
  • product sold at 1 euro

I was able to find close to my home from the Liege Danes, with a reduction of up to 40%:

how to get free money on paypal

The lucrative Shopmium app

Once you have photographed your proof of purchase, you can then automatically obtain credit on your PayPal account, which you will receive within 3 business days’ maximum.


Attention: all offers offered by Shopmium are limited to one use per smartphone and per person.



Complete missions near you against PayPal transfers with BeMyEye

You may already know this application under its old name, Local Eyes.


BeMyEye allows you to receive offers of missions to complete in your neighborhood. For example, you will need:


  • Fill in the price of a shampoo
  • Check that the products of an ice cream brand are well arranged on a line
  • See how many Nestlé chocolate bars are on a shelf



To fulfill these missions, you will just take a snapshot through the application. You can earn between 4 and 10 euros per completed mission. And no need to apply: your earnings will be immediately paid into your PayPal account after each mission.


Too good to be true? Here is a proof of payment Click here


Feel free to register by clicking here, and use my referral code (p9npkg) to pocket an extra euro once you have completed your first mission.


The resale of objects, photos, recipes, …


Resell your Smartphone to Get a PayPal Payment:


Volpy is an application that allows you to earn PayPal money by reselling your mobile easily.


It will undergo a battery of tests, to ensure the proper operation of the various features of your device (camera, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, …). This will allow Volpy to offer you a firm buyback price.


You just have to give your smartphone to Volpy. For that, three possibilities will be offered to you:


  • you hand a courier
  • ship it using a prepaid envelope, which will be provided by Volpy
  • you drop it in a Relais Colis

Warning: the proposed redemption price may be lower than what you can get on a classifieds site like leboncoin. But you are thus assured (e) to get your money, without having to leave in search of a buyer.


Moreover, you will receiver your PayPal transfer, just hours after receipt of your smartphone by teams Volpy.


Still interested? You can use my invitation code to pocket another 2 euros on your first sale: TKVGN9.



Receive PayPal Transfers By Tapping Le Bon Coin


Do you have many items at home, items that you could sell?


Know that you can offer them to Internet users from all over France thanks to the site Le Bon Coin. The buyer will have to send you the sum by selecting “pay for goods or services”, in order to benefit from an appeal in case of a dispute.

Once you have received a message from PayPal, you will only need to ship the item to the buyer and you will only receive your funds when you can prove that you have sent the package.


My advice: do not hesitate to pay the shipping costs, but also the cost of sales PayPal – you can encourage users to order.


This method of payment is not recommended if you intend to sell expensive items (a smartphone for example). Trading from hand to hand is the surest way to conduct a transaction.


Your pictures can bring you back


Do you frequently take photos, which end up on Instagram or in a folder on your hard drive? You can now sell them on the Internet.

Sale of photos with Fotolia

And it’s very simple: just download your snapshots on a specialized platform to try to get payments in a completely passive way.


For that, I suggest Fotolia or Shutterstock. You can get about 35% of the revenue generated by your photos, without having to promote it. These two sites will then allow you to pocket your winnings directly on your PayPal account.


With Fotolia, you will have to wait 45 days after your first sale to receive a PayPal transfer. Shutter stock automatically sends you your transfers between the 7th and 15th of the month (unless 7 falls on a weekend).


Do not want to go through a website? You can download the FOAP app (Android or iOS).



This one will allow you to:


  • Sell ​​your pictures, for 5 dollars each
  • Participate in photographer’s competitions, to try to pocket between 100 and 1000 dollars)

But beware: withdrawals of you Foap earnings with PayPal can only be requested from a minimum of 100 euros.



Sell ​​handmade objects


Etsy is a platform that allows individuals (but also companies) to offer their creations to buyers around the world.


For example, it is possible to sell:


  • personalized jewelry
  • interior design objects
  • paints
  • collages


This is what Esmeralda and Albert, who offer since 2013 “vintage” objects:

Even if it is impossible to know their income, it’s a safe bet that their Etsy shop allows them to round off their ends of the month.


And PayPal in all this?


Etsy offers you the possibility to recover payments on your PayPal account …


… but only payments that have been made by your customers with PayPal. You will need to do not activate the option Etsy Payments.


It is, therefore, better to be able to enter your bank details, so as not to miss some sales.


However, know that Etsy will charge a fee on the transactions you generate: 19 cents on each sale, plus 7.5% of your business volume. In exchange, the site allows you to easily make your products visible around the world, without having to create an online store yourself.



Sell ​​your recipes with Recipay


Do you like to be creative in your kitchen, and you always imagine new recipes?


They can now bring you back since you will be able to sell them on a specialized site like Recipay.

The site offers regular challenges, which will allow you to try to pocket between 10 and 15 euros  – euros that you can then pay into your PayPal account.


Sell ​​your documents and receive a PayPal payment


If you are currently a student, or if you have been in the past, this method should interest you. It will allow you to resell:


  • Your essays
  •  course notes
  • Your presentations


For this, I recommend the site Docs. school, which allows you to easily download your documents with drag and drop:


Then you have nothing to do: Docs. School teams are responsible for setting the price of your documents. You can then receive payments on your kitty at as sales of your writings. It will be possible to withdraw your earnings with PayPal once it has reached the threshold of 20 euros.


Although it is relatively unfortunate to see that the site charges very high commissions (50% minimum), this is still a great way to “make” your work easily by easily gaining PayPal money.


Resell gift cards that you do not use To Earn PayPal money instantly:


Many gift cards pile up in your wallet, without you really knowing what to do?


Be aware that you can resell them on the PlaceDesCartes platform. This will allow you to make money with PayPal, getting payment in less than 24 hours.

Be careful, however: you will have to pay the PayPal fees resulting from this payment (0.25 euros per operation, plus 3.4% of the amount paid back).


Render services in exchange for PayPal transfers:


Submit writing services:


Many Organizations/Companies is looking for writers, to design:


  • of emails engaging.
  • sales pages catchy.
  • of blog articles instructive.

I suggest you use a platform like You will be able to easily answer to various and varied offers:

The site allows you to recover your earnings on your PayPal account once your prize pool has reached the sum of 3 0 euros.


Receive PayPal Earnings by Making Microservices:


You certainly know the platform It allows providers to easily sell their services over the internet.


Rule? Offer services … against a sum of 5 euros. For example, you can ask for 5 euros for:


  • Create a logo
  • Edit a video
  • Record a voice-over

Only 5 euros for this type of missions, it’s not huge …


Not false.


What you need to understand is that you will mainly be able to earn money with ancillary services (up to 50 euros per service). I think that you must first see your benefits at 5 euros as appeal products, which will aim to convince your customers to order more expensive services.


This is what this provider, who offers a WordPress site only 5 euros … but who makes up for it by offering other more expensive services:

how to get free money on paypal

Recommended: How to make money with Fiverr


Earn PayPal money instantly with Prospect Companies:


You may have special skills that may be valuable to some companies.


Why not contact them to offer them your services? Some of them may be inclined to send you PayPal transfers for missions such as:


  • Editorial work
  • SEO services
  • Tips to tackle a market


Do not hesitate to provide them with detailed references in order to be able to communicate evidence of expertise. If you start, you can also offer free services for a few hours – hoping then that they decide to get their hands on the wallet.


Help yourself with real estate, your car,


Use Seasonal Rentals to Earn free PayPal Money:

Do you own? Why not take advantage of seasonal rentals to earn PayPal money?


Three options are available to you:


  • Offer your accommodation “in full” for a few weeks in the year
  • Offer access to one of the rooms in your home
  • Suggest a shared room


To get started, it’s very simple. You can register on Airbnb by clicking on my link of sponsorship (you will thus receive 35 euros, to spend during your next trip).


You will then have to put an attractive ad online. Feel free to take inspiration from those of other similar accommodations. In terms of pricing, I suggest you conduct preliminary market research to see what the “fair” price is – the one that could allow you to maximize your income over the year.


Airbnb will send you your payment within one business day after the payment has been released (24 hours after the arrival of your host).


Feel Free And Check This article: 71 Creative Ways to Make Money in 2019


Enjoy Carpooling to Earn money with PayPal:


You may be using your car frequently for long distance journeys. If so, you may be able to accommodate passengers in your vehicle so you can easily earn some money.


Here is the example of Hayssam, which regularly offers places for trips between Bordeaux and Toulouse:


According to the website KelBillet, this trip costs him about 27 euros in gas costs. If it manages to attract 3 passengers, it can largely pay for this price, as well as ancillary costs such as depreciation and repairs of the vehicle.


So even if Blablacar explains that the payments between its users are only intended to share the costs of the trip, I believe that some of them can make several hundred euros of profits every month through carpooling.


Good news: Blablacar allows you to receive your earnings by PayPal. Simply enter your PayPal address on your profile, and choose PayPal as your default payment method. You can then request a transfer in a few clicks, and receive it after only a few hours.


Some more complex tips to implement … but that could bring you a lot


Do you have a website? Add a PayPal button “donate”


If you already have a website, you can perfectly try to appeal to the generosity of your readership.


To do this, simply insert a “donate” button on your site. Even if only a small part of your visitors will agree to send you money, this could allow you to pocket a few tens (or even hundreds of euros) on your PayPal account.


This is what the creator of “La Télé de Lilou” did, she invites her visitors to support her with a PayPal donation – or even a monthly contribution:

Want to know more? PayPal provides you with additional information on this page.


Sell ​​an information product with PayPal


A good way to bail out your account: offer a digital product that can be paid exclusively with a PayPal payment.


You could put on sale an eBook or video training, which will allow your visitors to overcome one of their problems: stress, extra pounds, relationship difficulties, …


To promote it, I suggest you create a WordPress site. You will be able to download a plugin that will allow you to add a “add to cart” button – which will allow you to receive money directly into your PayPal account.



No time (or desire) to create a product? You can sell those of others! The 1Tpe platform allows you, for example, to collect up to 70% of the sales you have generated.


How to Get Free Money on PayPal by Physical Products:


You can also sell physical products on the internet, thanks to an e-commerce site.


Of course, you will not be able to use all PayPal payments you receive. You will have to pay your suppliers, but also pay the delivery costs, pay taxes on your earnings, …


You have never created an online store, and you think it’s complicated? Feel free to try Shopify, which allows any beginner to quickly create their first e-commerce site. You can easily set up payments by PayPal, to automatically feed your account every time a sale has been made.


Registration is done here (the first 14 days are totally free, and you do not need to provide your credit card number to enjoy).


Bonus Method: Ask for PayPal Payments


This is a pretty obvious way to earn PayPal money. It consists of using the service to create a page like “”, which will allow individuals or companies to send you money. You will be able to ask for funds:


  • To your loved ones: for a gift, for the reimbursement of expenses you have made, …
  • To customers: for the creation of a website, a logo, …

It is possible to let your interlocutor decide the amount he wants to send, or ask him for a specific sum (for example, 25 euros):


Other ideas for making money


If you only want to receive earnings with PayPal, you can also check this article How to Get Free Money | Free PayPal Money


How to Get free PayPal Money Fast and Easy

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