€ 200 per month: Making Money From Home

€ 200 per month: Making Money From Home



Making Money From Home. Hello everyone! In this article, I intend to explain how to earn up to € 200 per month through paid surveys. I will give you a list of the best sites as well as many tips to help you maximize your earnings.


I assure you, there is nothing very complicated, organization and patience will be your best allies🙂



The basics to know


What is a paid survey?

This is obviously the first question to ask. A paid survey consists of answering surveys to receive money or gift vouchers in exchange, and many Peoples Making Money From Home with this way. There are dozens of websites offering paid surveys. In France, 🇫🇷the best known (and reliable) are:


  1. Isay (the site of Ipsos)
  2. Toluna (one of the most reliable)
  3. LifePoints (formerly GlobalTestMarket) (better pay per survey)
  4. ClixSense (the most profitable)
  5. GreenPanthera (4 € welcomes just for your beautiful eyes).
  6. YouGov
  7. Your opinion
  8. Paid Surveys
  9. MarketAgent


If you are in another country, I reassure you, there are many solutions:


  • For 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪, join free panels that work very well in Belgium: Toluna Belgium and ISay Belgium.
  • For 🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇨🇭, I propose you to register at ISay Switzerland and Toluna Switzerland.
  • You are in 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦? I also have a solution. You can register at Isay Canada or at GreenPanthera Canada (in this case receive a $ 5 bonus).
  • Do you live in Africa? Toluna is present in many countries: Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia …
  • Do you live in the Middle East? Toluna is available in Saudi Arabia and Turkey
  • Are you even further? Toluna is available until Pakistan! 🙂


I give many details on these sites a little lower, for those who are interested.


Note: The links in this article are mostly affiliate links. This means that in exchange for the time spent writing and publishing this article, Earning Techniques (the author of the article) or myself (the author of the blog) will receive a commission when you sign up for one of the mentioned sites. But rest assured, Earning Techniques only offers you the best polls sites, since he has tested them all😉


Paid Survey: A way to make money online by giving your opinion.


making money from home

How does it work?

The main strength of paid online survey sites is their simplicity. Most work the same way, namely:


  1. Register on the site.
  2. Fill out your panelist profile (not mandatory but highly recommended to be better targeted).
  3. Reply to surveys received on his e-mail address or directly on the site.
  4. Withdraw his earnings via PayPal or other as soon as the payment threshold is reached.

That’s what you’ll have to do on each panel, a real breeze 🙂

Additional Information
Before each survey, you will be informed of the amount you will receive as well as its duration. Usually, you will be asked for your age, profession, and personal situation.

This allows you to target your profile, but you will never be asked for more personal information such as name or address. After these general questions, you will normally get to the heart of the subject. If it’s a survey of high-tech products, you’ll be asked how many computers and tablets you have and how often you use them every day.

A poll takes on average between 5 and 20 minutes, and you can obviously complete several in a row.

Note, however, that if your profile does not match the one the investigators are looking for, you will not be able to complete the survey and you will not receive the promised money. It’s a little frustrating and I wanted to warn you before.


Who are the surveys for?

It takes at least 15 years to become a panelist. Other than that there are not really any rules, everyone can register and answer polls. Whether you are a student or retired, a bonus at the end of the month is always good to take. The only downside, the institutes are often very interested in young adults and few surveys are really intended for other categories of people. many students Making Money From Home with these Surveys. It is unfortunate and rather unfair to me. Making money through polls takes a little time but a lot of patience. If you are more nervous and impatient, you will give up quickly, believe me! Nothing prevents you from trying on a few days to get an idea 😉


What are the possible gains?

The title says it is possible to earn 200 € per month, and I insist on the “possible”! Indeed, many will not have the time or the desire to reach this sum, and it is quite understandable. Simply put, earnings depend mostly on your motivation. A motivated and organized person will have no trouble earning more than 150 € per month. The reward of a poll varies from 0.50 € to 3 €. It is rare to find polls reporting more because it would not be beneficial for the institutes. The remuneration often depends on the duration of the survey. A 5-minute survey will yield less than a 20-minute survey. Logic!. Best Way to Make Money From Home.


Means of payment and taxation

The panels pay their members as soon as they reach a payment threshold generally between € 2 and € 30. A low payment threshold is not synonymous with a better quality of the site. This just allows you to receive your payment faster and later more recurring. Depending on the site, different ways to collect your winnings will be offered:


  1. PayPal
  2. Gift cards (Amazon, Zalando …)
  3. Checks and bank transfers
  4. And some sites will offer you a catalog to redeem your points and win prizes.


Watch out for scams!

As you know, on the internet there is everything and anything. And, of course, scams. Paid survey sites are no exception. If you are curious and want to try a new site, here are some recommendations:


  • If you are asked to pay when registering a site or to participate in an investigation, run away. You must NEVER pay for a paid survey.
  • Be realistic: nobody will want to pay you 100 € to have your opinion or establish your personal profile because it will not be beneficial for anyone. So websites claiming an income of 100 € (or even 10 €) per survey are also to be banned.
  • Feel free to do some research with our old friend Google to know the reliability of a site.


How to Make Money Online for Beginners Here Is The best Polls Sites:

Now that you know the basics, you are entitled to a short list of the main panels. Do not pay attention to the order, it is not a classification (too difficult to decide!)


I-Say paid survey


making money from home

I-Say is managed by Ipsos, one of the largest survey institutes in France. A safe bet! Payments are made only in gift vouchers from 10 €. This is one of the best sites for Making Money From Home.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Nice interface.
  • Many surveys and well paid.
  • Available in many countries, including some countries in Africa and the Middle East (Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia).


  • The shop only offers to win gift vouchers, no payment by PayPal or transfer.

Registration on I-Say 🇫🇷France is done by clicking here


For other countries, register by clicking here: I-Say 🇧🇪 Belgium, I-Say 🇨🇭 Switzerland, and I-Say 🇨🇦Canada.




Toluna has been a shoe size for quite a few years and the site was revamped a few months ago. ABC Silver talks about it in detail in this article. For other French-speaking countries, please note that Toluna is available in Belgium 🇧🇪 (register here) and in Switzerland 🇨🇭 (it’s there). One of the few panels to accept some countries from Africa and the Middle East: Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, South Africa, Tunisia, and Turkey. Also, Best for Making Money From Home


Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The new site is faster and pleasant.
  • Available in many countries.
  • Android and iOS apps for your smartphone.
  • A shop is rich in gifts. paid survey Toluna shop A small preview of the Toluna shop


  • Sometimes you have to complete a survey to realize that the quota has already been reached …
  • You need to get 140000 points to be able to receive hard cash (35 €).

A small preview of the Toluna shop


Start making money with Toluna 🇫🇷 France by clicking on this link


For other countries, register by clicking here: Toluna 🇧🇪 Belgium and Toluna 🇨🇭 Switzerland



Probably my favorite. ClixSense has been PTC (Paid To Click) # 1 for many years, and its name probably means something to you. But since July 2017, the site has decided to focus solely on paid surveys, abandoning its part PTC. You will find daily dozens of surveys in the category “Surveys” as well as in “Offers”.


Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Dozens of polls every day.
  • Monthly remuneration of up to 100 € and more!
  • A daily bonus allowing you to earn up to an additional 16% on your winnings of the day.


  • You will often be disqualified from polls. Nothing unusual, institutes sometimes look for specific profiles with a limited number of participants.
  • PayPal is not available since February 2017. You will have to fall back on Skrill, Payoneer or Tango Card.

I earn on average 50/60 € per month but these are relatively small gains compared to many users who are able to reach 100/150 €!. You can Easily Make Money From Home.


Register on ClixSense by clicking here





Do not trust its ugly interface (it must be admitted), GreenPanthera is an interesting panel that offers a lot of polls and a section for cashback. The site divides a lot, some find it useless and low paying and others manage to chain the polls without a problem.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Many polls.
  • 4 € offered at registration!
  • Fast payments (2/3 days).
  • Simple and effective sponsorship program.


  • Interface that must make a lot of people flee and it’s a shame …
  • Cashback section not very interesting.
  • You will often be excluded from surveys (quota reached or bad profile).

Although I am satisfied, I must admit that the site could improve in the design and quality of the polls sent.


For GreenPanthera 🇫🇷 France, registration is done by clicking here


I particularly appreciate YouGov because its surveys are fast and often interesting. To my knowledge, this is the only panel that validates all polls whatever your answers. This is an undeniable but risky advantage on the part of YouGov (cheaters could botch the questionnaires and falsify some investigations …)


Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Quick investigations (5 minutes on average).
  • Never disqualified, whatever the profile.
  • One of the only sponsorship system that is worth it (I’ll come back to it later).


  • Few polls (2 or 3 per week).
  • Limited remuneration, usually between € 0.25 and € 1 per survey.
  • The payment period of 4 weeks, yes it’s long …


Register on YouGov by following this link




Your Opinion looks like I-Say on a lot of points. The interface is nice, polls many and well paid, and payments are in gift vouchers from € 20. Only French residents can enjoy this panel. There is still a version of the site for Belgium, available here.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot.
  • You will receive 1 or 2 surveys per day.
  • A badge system that helps the most active people.


  • Like I-Say, the site only offers gift certificates.
  • This is not necessarily a disadvantage but cash payment is more interesting.


Register on Your Opinion by clicking here



Surveys Paid. Hard to find a name more suited to the theme! I used this site a lot about 2 years ago and it is always at the top. Remuneration has slightly increased in recent months but remains a little weak. The site also offers to pay you to test products (technological objects, food products …). Just get 13000 points (10 €) to request payment by PayPal or win Amazon gift vouchers.


Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Many surveys proposed.
  • Possibility of testing products.

making Money From Home


  • Sponsorship program uninteresting, only € 0.10 per sponsored godchild!
  • Remuneration up but still limited.


For Paid Surveys, registration is done by clicking here



I hesitated between several sites but it is finally MarketAgent who was retained in this list. This site deserves to be included because I have never read a negative opinion about it, apart from a few people who do not understand how the panels work and constantly complain about the lack of validated surveys … MarketAgent has nothing especially, it is serious and very simple to use, what more!

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Payment threshold of 2 € only.
  • Fluid and pleasant interface.
  • Polls quite numerous.


  • Registration can take a few minutes because you have to fill in a lot of information.
  • Avoid PayPal for withdrawals because the fees are high. Use Skrill instead.


Register on MarketAgent by clicking here



Making money from Home LifePoints (formerly GlobalTestMarket) is the first site I used in my debut in 2013. It was created in 1999, making it one of the pioneers of the paid survey. The site has already brought me several hundred euros and the story is far from over!

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Certainly offers the best pay per survey (on average 1 € for 10/15 minutes).
  • You will receive 2/3 polls a day on your mailbox …


  • … but it can quickly be flooded with polls if you are not well organized.
  • Design of another age (cuckoo the 90s) but this is only a detail 😉
  • In recent months, many people on the Internet have complained of payment problems and untimely account closures … so be careful!


To take advantage of the best survey pay, sign up here


These are the best sites for making money from home. 


To go a little further For Real Ways to Make Money from Home:

I have just given you some of the best panels but you will find many more on ManiaBook, an excellent site that references a maximum of good plans and remunerative sites 😉



Some GPTs (multi-pay sites) also offer to respond to surveys via an offer-walls system. The most famous are:


I will not mention them all but these three are really worth it. Ba-Click has been a concrete site for over 2 years, ReflexMalin and Swagbucks are newer but equally effective. You can easily use them in addition to polling sites.



Make money from home online, How to earn 200 € per month?

This is the part that interests you. Now that you know the main sites, let me give you the details of my winnings and all the tips and advice that will optimize your income. The goal is to reach 200 € per month in the medium / long term.


Detail of my earnings

I earn on average 200 € per month thanks to polls, but where exactly do these earnings come from? To facilitate all this, I have prepared a small table listing all the sites I use, with next to each the money it brings me. This chart gives an average of each site’s revenue, and I exclude my sponsorship earnings to give you a clear overview.

making money from home


As you can see, ClixSense is the big winner because the number of polls offered each day is impressive … I remind you that this table represents an average and not exact figures. Sponsorship included, I turn between 150 € and 250 € per month depending on my activity … and my motivation (especially), and it’s best for making money from home.



Tips and Tricks to Make Money Online:

Answering a few polls from time to time is a good thing, but doing so by being organized and rigorous is much more interesting. Click on the bar below to discover all my tips to make money online for free


Tips and Tricks
  • The first thing to do before starting is to create a table similar to mine using a spreadsheet like the excellent LibreOffice (free). This will allow you to forget nothing and give a winning estimate for each site. This kind of chart is easy to do and is essential in the long run.
  • Register on multiple sites to boost your earnings (in addition to those I mentioned). You will find a lot about ManiaBook in the category “Surf Remunerated”. So yes you will spend more time every day responding to polls, but you will earn a little more money!
  • Use the same email address for all your sites. You will receive all surveys on the same address. Convenient!
  • Another tip, simple and effective, is to insert your polls sites in the favorites bar of your internet browser. It’s stupid but so useful to earn a little time each day and find yourself better.
  • Regularly visit each of the sites where you are registered because some polls have a quota of answers. Make sure you are among the first to answer. In general, avoid completing a survey several days after it appears. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to complete the investigation.
  • Favor short surveys (less than 10/15 minutes). Those who last longer is painful to complete even if the reward is higher.
  • A good pay per survey is about € 1 for 10/15 minutes. Do not waste your time with too low pay.

  • Use French sites first. You will be more comfortable in your native language to answer polls and many foreign sites do not pay some countries.

If you apply all these tips, you should be able to earn € 100 per month without problems. The most motivated can reach the famous 200 €.


Watch out for trick questions!

This is a very important part of improving your income.


With the habit, you will realize that some questions always come back. These are classification questions that appear at the beginning or at the end of the questionnaire, such as your annual income, your work, number of children, married, etc. … For these questions, no problem, answer normally.


On the other hand, there are trick questions that can eject you from the survey, and 3 of them deserve special attention:


  • Do you work in any of the following areas?
  • Have you participated in a survey in the last 2 months?
  • And a third question to check if you do not bury the survey by answering randomly.
  • How to make money online for free?

Guess what to answer to the first two questions. I help you, even if you work in one of the listed companies or have participated in a survey recently, always answer NO! The reason? If you check yes to one of the two questions you will automatically be ejected from the survey …

I know it is better to answer as seriously as possible but these two questions are twisted, especially the second one, what is the point of answering the question? a survey every 2 months if we receive several a week …


The third question is very important for institutes because it eliminates most cheaters! It will intervene at any moment of the survey and makes it possible to verify if you are serious or not in your answers.

For the rest of the questionnaire, you have the choice between seriously answering or rushing some questions to save time. The second option is not very elegant, but we must admit that some surveys are endless and uninteresting …


I encourage you to be serious as much as possible, both to not distort the results but also to avoid being banned from a site for cheating (something that happens regularly).


Sponsorship, rare and not very useful

I mentioned briefly the sponsorship without giving more details. For those who do not know what it is, this system makes money by recruiting new members on a site (called referrals). Few panels offer sponsorship, for the simple reason that most already have enough members.


The only ones that offer are YouGov, GreenPanthera, ClixSense, and Remunerated Surveys. The sponsorship of YouGov is the most interesting of the four, it can earn € 2 per active godson. The other three do not report much unless you are able to recruit several hundred referrals …



And Africa in all this?

Polls and Africa is a delicate story. The only site that accepts most African countries is ClixSense. Toluna and I-Say are also available in some African countries. Feel free to check if yours is accepted by these two sites.


To summarize

The article is soon over. I hope I have made some people want to engage in paid surveys that are a great way to make money on the internet.  To win a maximum, I must remember, to be organized and motivated in the long run. I already invite you to try the sites mentioned in this article to get an idea, and you can then test other sites to boost your earnings.


Pay attention to scams, find out before using a site, NEVER pay to participate in a survey and forget the promises of 50 €, 100 € or 10000 € rewards by investigation …


If you want to know more about other ways to make money, you can visit my blog 71 Creative Ways to Make Money in 2019, it will make him happy🙂


Thank you for reading me, I hope I helped some. See you soon!


€ 200 per month: Making Money From Home

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