9 Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings



(Amazon Affiliate Earnings ) During my online career, I built several monetized sites with the Amazon Partner Club. Two of the most important case studies I’ve done here explain how to strengthen the site through an affiliation partnership with Amazon from scratch.

In the years I’ve built these sites, I’ve put together some techniques to earn more affiliate commissions on Amazon. Some of these strategies are simple to apply, on the “hacks” page, while others are more general ways of thinking about your business.


Today, I’m going to reveal nine specific ways to increase your affiliate revenue on Amazon. I will also share some ways that you can implement relatively quickly in your business.


USE EXPRESSIONS WITH HIGH PURCHASE INTENT to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings:


When people buy online, they go through a process of general queries to more specific questions. You need to target key phrases that people will use when they are ready to buy something.


For example, say you have a website on sleeping bags. Instead of targeting more general expressions like “sleeping bags” or “it’s a sleeping bag,” you need to target expressions with which you know people are more likely to shop … like “better bags” sleeping arrangements ” or ” sleeping bags under $ 100″.


It is clear that these people are looking for more information to decide to buy. You will get a much higher conversion rate (and more orders!) When you get that kind of traffic to your site.





Yes, it’s similar to the first point. However, it is important to go a little further. Do not stop at expressions like “better sleeping bags” or “sleeping bag reviews“! You need to target expressions that are not even long-tail anymore, which could mean: search for keywords associated with a very low search volume. Even though you may get less traffic per article/keyword, these keywords generate a high conversion rate.


For example, we could target “better sleeping bags under $ 100” or “low-cost sleeping bags for toddlers.” These are great long-tail keywords that people would use to decide on their purchases. For your information, I used Long Tail Pro to find these long tail keywords in this sleeping bag example.


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For Amazon Affiliate Earnings Use AFFILIATE LINK TO IMAGES


There is a simple but often overlooked tactic to improve your Amazon sales affiliation: create a link to Amazon using all the images in your message. When people read your product review articles, they will very often click on the image. If the link to the image simply leads them to your site’s image file, it’s potentially one less visitor to Amazon.


However, if your image is an affiliate link on Amazon, you increase the chances of seeing people redirected to Amazon in search of products to buy. The more clicks that point to Amazon, the more buyers there will be. If you’ve ever tried uploading, positioning, tagging, and adding an Amazon affiliate link, you know how long it can take. And it’s worth it. However, thankfully, there is a tool that makes it easy to add affiliate image links to Amazon much more easily.


It’s been a few years now that I ‘m using EasyAzon, and honestly, it just makes building an affiliate at the Amazon site much simpler. So, if you want to add images that already have your affiliate link in place, I highly recommend you check with EasyAzon 4 here.


USE INTERNAL LINKS for Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings:

As with using affiliate links for your images, you can redirect more people to Amazon by using internal links. These internal links are the links on which people will most likely click! Unfortunately, many people think that just inserting an Amazon banner or image link is enough to make decent sales; This is not the case. If you write useful content, then people will read and click on your links in your content.


All I want to say is that if I was talking about sleeping bags, I could just say … “To see my first recommendation to find a child sleeping bag for less than $ 50, click here. The link in this previous sentence is an internal link. I also use EasyAzon 4 to insert these types of content links much more quickly (the link above has been inserted with EasyAzon).


Rather than go to Amazon, find the product to which I want to redirect users, go through the affiliate links to find on Amazon, then paste into my site, I can just stay in on WordPress and pull the product to the top by adding the link via EasyAzon. So, I do not have to leave my blog to find and insert links to the products. And I like it! EasyAzon 4 is on sale here in the coming days.




Did you know that you could get a 90-day cookie when you’re redirecting someone to Amazon through your affiliate link? When you use a regular affiliate link, the cookie is only available for 24 hours. However, if you create a special link that automatically adds the product to the cart on Amazon when going through your affiliate link, Amazon will extend your cookie for up to 90 days (if they buy in 90 days, you still get the commission)!


Now, I want to clarify that in my opinion, you should test this option. It may (not) work better in your niche. All markets and websites are different, and the website; this option may not be the right one for you. To be honest, I cannot create an affiliate link to automatically add a product to the cart without the help of a tool. It’s just a simple option in EasyAzon that you can enable or disable. Here is a screenshot of several of these options in EasyAzon; including the “Add to Cart” option:

Amazon Affiliate Earnings

ADD AMAZON STORE TO YOUR SITE to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings:


There was a time when I was researching shopping sites with Flippa. One of these sites worked very well on Amazon and applied a tactic that I had not implemented yet. This simple tactic is to add an Amazon store on his site. Since then, I have tested on some of my sites, and Perrin currently has an Amazon store on his website at PennyShaved.com here. Having a store in place just gives your readers more room to find products and potentially be redirected to Amazon for purchase.


Again, more orders for you! Creating an Amazon store is easy. Simply sign in to your Amazon Associates account and click “restore” and follow the instructions:

Amazon Affiliate Earnings


For Increase, Amazon Affiliate Earnings PRODUCE QUALITY CONTENT

I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that if you produce a lot of content, not only are you better referenced in Google but even more, people will buy from you. It’s a whole process in itself. Fortunately, Perrin has written some ideas on creating content that engages and converts successfully.


A big part of creating “super” content is simply understanding what your audience is looking for, and meeting those needs. Part of it can be done with targeted content and research, but part of it is also seeing what your competitors are doing and deciding what you can do better. There are two simple things you can often do better than your competitors: create comparative tables and lists of best sellers.



When I launched my site on survival knives, I wanted to make my site better than others, which have been very well referenced on Google. One of the ways I decided to apply to make my site stand out was to create a comparative chart of the best survival knives on the market.


This product generated great results for me, not only for quality content but also because I found that more people were shopping by comparing using the chart I had created. Since then, I do not know if I have somehow started a trend, but almost all of the Amazon affiliate sites I see now use many of these comparative chart techniques.


Another option that has just been released is to use the TableZon extension for EasyAzon 4. I recently had to look at TableZon, created by Chris Guthrie, and it’s a pretty cool way to create comparison charts quickly and easily in WordPress. TableZon is only available to EasyAzon 4 buyers. This is an upsell immediately after purchase.


CREATE BEST SELLER LISTS Which Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings:

Another way to increase your Amazon affiliate revenue is to create best-seller lists in your blog posts. It’s a little different from a comparison chart. A comparison chart could focus only on survival knives on a specific point, such as prices.


A list of best sellers will focus on the top selling products in a given category. For example, let’s admit that I want to create the top 5 points of sale of digital cameras on Amazon. The idea is to go to Amazon.com/Bestsellers and select the right category to start creating your bestseller list. Here is the current list of bestselling digital cameras:

Amazon Affiliate Earnings



You would then need to find the information on each of these products and insert a kind of list on your site. It could take a lot of time. Or, you can use the Bestseller Azon extension for EasyAzon 4 (it is sold as an upgrade after the initial purchase). Once again, this is a brand new extension that Chris Guthrie has just published. I do not know of other such simple ways to create these bestseller lists.


Using the plugin extension, I just created the list of best sellers below, with my Amazon links inserted, all in about 1 minute:


Top sales of digital cameras


  • Sony W800 / B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)
  • Canon Power Shot SX520 16Digital with 42x Optical, Stabilized Image Zoom with 3 Inch LCD (Black)
  • Sony 20 MP W800 Digital Camera / Silver
  • Samsung WB350F 16.3MP CMOS Smart Digital Camera with WiFi and NFC Chip with 21x Optical Zoom and 3.0 LCD Touch Screen and 1080p HD Video (White)



I could create a much more complete list of best sellers, or go so far as to modify how the links work. But overall, I was able to quickly create a list of the best products sold on Amazon for my chosen category, and they are immediately inserted in the article with my affiliate link. Some thoughts to conclude.


Overall, I hope these tips that I shared can help you increase your affiliate orders on Amazon. With these small tactics, you can make sure you see as many people redirected to Amazon.


Awareness of the Amazon brand and trust is such that once you have people on the Amazon page, you simply let Amazon do the rest. In addition to the tactics and strategies I mentioned, I sincerely believe that a tool like EasyAzon can be very helpful in significantly speeding up the process of implementing these strategies. Just for your information, it’s been over three years now that I use EasyAzon, and I’ve never had a problem.


Version 4 of EasyAzon has just been published for the first time this week. Chris Guthrie, its creator, provided me with an advanced copy and I am very satisfied with the updates that I saw there. Also, the two extensions I mentioned (table on and Best Seller Azon) are only available to EasyAzon 4 buyers. These two extensions provide some great upgrades that can just further streamline the process of managing your links Affiliate.


9 Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

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