14 Best Apps to Make Money Fast

14 Best Apps to Make Money Fast



As a person who grew up at the beginning of the two thousandths, I find it hard to imagine that you can withdraw real money from the phone! It turns out that I install myself a mobile application, and for this, some kind of “Bill Gates” will unfasten dollars. Laughter, and more!



Although not only laughter but also a couple of hundred rubles to replenish the balance. Get ready to turn your android into a source of income, now you know everything.


The contents of the article


  1. ·       Why would anyone pay you?
  2. ·       Review of the best applications with the withdrawal of money
  3. ·       Earnings on installations
  4. ·       Earnings on mobile trading
  5. ·       Earnings for photos and videos
  6. ·       Earnings on offline tasks
  7. ·       What is the result?



Why would anyone pay you?

Money for the promotion of their product “unfasten” the developers of mobile programs. The competition in this market is “mad”. How many applications are now published for android I could not figure out. But in 2014 their number exceeded one million!


On Google Play and the App Store, published applications are ranked by a number of installations, ratings, and user reviews. In the presence of these factors, it is a sin not to use the opportunity to cheat.



Developers benefit that their “offspring” were higher in the issue. This requires as many downloads and positive feedback from users. Developers pay for these actions.


It is strange that the creators of Android do not respond to them. After all, this method of promotion can be regarded as a “deception” of users.


Review of the best applications with the withdrawal of money

Earnings on installation

This section will provide an overview of popular solutions for making money on mobile applications:


They are the Best Apps to Make Money Fast:


1.  AppCent (link to download)



PROMODE 5 RUB – XM5K8D (enter after installation)




The service pays for downloading free and paid mobile programs. In the second case, the funds for the purchase of the application will be returned to the user. Other types of tasks:


View commercials.

Review on Google Play.

Registration at various venues.

Downloading and passing the game to a certain level (pays up to 50P.).

The internal currency of the service is “coin”, which costs 0.1 rubles. The ability to withdraw funds through popular payment systems or to a mobile account has been implemented. The minimum amount is from 10P. You can also buy games and applications for money.


2.  AppCoins



Service often holds contests and sweepstakes. Regular users receive a surcharge of 10% of earnings. To become one of them, you need to go to AppCoins every day during the week. What pays for:



View promotional videos.

Installing paid applications.

You can withdraw funds through Web money, Yandex. Money and PayPal.


3.  WHAFF Rewards


Foreign service that pays for the installation, visits to the advertised site, installation and launch of games. Accruals are made in dollars. The ability to launch one-click execution of several tasks at once (installation and launch of the application) is implemented. On average, pay up to $ 0.1 for the installation. For the referral, you can get 20 cents. Registration in the service goes through Facebook.


Withdrawal is possible only through foreign payment systems. The closest one to us is PayPal. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 11.


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4.  AdvertApp



PROMODE 5P – 7c4yg1 (enter after installation)


On the official stores of this application is not. It can be downloaded only from the developer’s site. What they pay for:


View video – 0, 05 rub.

Survey – 10 rubles.

Installation – 5 rubles.

Install the game and go through it to a certain level – up to 7P.

Register and spend your money – you can earn up to 1400R. However, some of these tasks may not pay.

Withdrawals are made to the mobile or kiwi account.


5.  NewApp



PROMOKOD ON 2P – 6Ofoj (enter after installation)


Application promotion service on Google Play. He pays only for the installation of programs, but the cost of the assignment can reach 30 rubles. The funds are displayed on the phone, Yandex. Money, Qiwi or Web Money. Affiliate program available. For each given referral service gives 10% of his earnings.


 6.  AppTrack



Types of tasks:



Installation and commenting.

Install, open, comment and remove the application after 3 days.

Service pays on average 3-7P. for the installation. According to the reviews, they have a constant shortage of tasks. In addition, many users complain about problems with the withdrawal of funds.


7.  Tapporo


One of the Best Apps to Make Money Fast that do American service promotion. What pays for:


Best Apps to Make Money Fast

Best Apps to Make Money Fast


Watching videos on YouTube.

Commenting clips.

Install the application.

For feedback about them.

Domestic currency – ORO ($ 1 is equal to 1000 units). Cash payment – only on PayPal. There are always a lot of tasks, but the first is low paid. The affiliate program is valid: $ 0.6 is paid for each listed user.


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8.  Appraisers


An English-language service that pays for watching movie, game and application trailers. And also for their installation and commenting. Rates:


View video – 0.5 cents.

Installing demo versions – up to $ 1.

Domestic currency – points. $ 1 is equal to 1000 points. Withdrawals are only for PayPal.



Earnings on stock exchanges and sports forecasts

With the help of specialized mobile applications, you can earn on sports forecasts and trading:


9.  Libertex Lite


Simulator for honing the skill of the “game” in the stock market. Application created by professional traders. The user receives $ 5,000 on a demo account and can make transactions in a safe mode. At the same time, the level of complexity of trading gradually increases.

Best Apps to Make Money Fast

Best Apps to Make Money Fast

More than 140 tools are integrated into Libertex Lite. Allows you to trade in gold, oil, indices, and stocks of large foreign companies.



10.  IQ Option


Best Apps to Make Money Fast

Best Apps to Make Money Fast

Also, Best Apps to Make Money Fast. Another tool for new traders. It allows you to easily switch between “training” and real accounts, trade currency pairs, gold, silver, indices, and stocks of companies.


The minimum amount of entry – 300P. A large number of teaching materials in 13 languages. Multilingual support service.

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10.  ESPN Streak for The Cash



“Bookmaker” application. Allows you to bet on the outcome of matches. The service is available forecasting for 12 different sports. Additionally, the program has a chat in which the “players” can discuss among themselves the results of sports matches and the effectiveness of forecasts.


To become a member of ESPN Streak for The Cash, you need a verified PayPal account and a Qiwi or Web Money wallet.


Earnings on mobile videos and photos

The mobile camera can be not only a “pleasant” addition to the phone but also a means to generate income. Here are some specialized applications:




A good option “random” earnings. Pays for downloading video captured by witnesses of events. For one video you can get 2500-3000 rubles. Over time, the user level rises to “Life Newsagent”, and the number of payment increases.


12.  Iconzoomer



The service earns points (credits) for downloading photos from the phone. After registration, the user proceeds to perform tasks. They describe what needs to be captured and in what “perspective”.


The application interface in English. You can exchange points for cash only through PayPal. But it is difficult to get the necessary number of them, since each task “costs” only 5 points. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 credits (10 euros).




Perform simple tasks “in real life” and get a guaranteed income.


13.  TopMission



Funds are paid for the “audit” of goods presented in the store. The user downloads the TopMission application, registers in it and performs “missions”. Their essence lies in photographing products of a particular brand, presented on the shelves of the specified outlet.

The cost of the mission ranges from 150 to 600 rubles. In addition, the user may be asked to answer simple questions about his task. It takes about 10 minutes to complete one mission.


Withdrawing funds to Web Money or to a mobile account. Use the service can only residents of Russia.


14.  YouDo



Service for hiring artists for various types of work. The appendix contains many categories of tasks. But among them there are some very simple ones: deliver the goods or mail to the specified address, print documents, etc. Moreover, these types of work are well paid: from 400 to 2,000 rubles.


A millionaire does not become.

Most of the earning applications are aimed at installing, commenting and evaluating other programs. But serious money from such a “labor” should not be expected. This way you can earn no more than a piece per month. And even then, if you try hard!


The greatest income comes from services that specialize in hiring users to audit outlets and perform various simple tasks in the “real”.


As for trading and betting software, here the level of income depends on what kind of “place” Fortune turns. But the main thing was found out – with the help of mobile applications you can get a “money”. It is a pity that in our two thousandths this kind of earnings was not!


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