10 sites to Earn Amazon Gift Cards | Steam gift cards

10 sites to Earn Amazon Gift Cards | Steam gift cards




Nowadays it is possible to earn money on the internet, but it is also possible to Earn Amazon gift cards, Steam, iTunes …


That’s why I propose a list of 10 reliable sites to Earn Amazon gift cards without leaving your home!


Also, you have nothing to lose because all the sites I offer are free and have been proven for some time!


Before starting this listing, I would like to talk about cashback and more specifically about iGraal, a site that will also allow you to win gift cards.


The principle is simple: as soon as you purchase on the internet through this site, iGraal receives a commission from the merchant and reimburses you between 60% and 90% of this commission.


The system works like a loyalty card! You accumulate winnings on your iGraal account, and as soon as your pot reaches 20 €, you can withdraw them in gift vouchers at Amazon or Fnac, in kind via your PayPal account or by bank transfer, or exchange them for places Pathé movie theater or a meal in a restaurant with the Restopolitan menu.


With our referral link, iGraalyou will benefit from 10 € offered at your registration instead of 3 € normally. In addition to cashback, there are many other ways to earn Amazon gift cards on the internet today. Here is a quick tour of the ten most popular sites!



1 – Toluna

On Toluna, the remuneration is proportional to the duration of the survey (generally between 10 and 20 minutes). It takes the form of points redeemable for gifts (lottery tickets, products, discounts, gift certificates, money).


The partner brands are very varied, and there is a good choice of major brands such as Amazon, iTunes, Decathlon …


In addition to polls, Toluna can earn points from registration, when you complete your profile or when you create content on the site (discussions in the community, votes …).


We can exchange them from 1000 points, but be careful, do not wait until the last minute to convert them: they are only valid for 16 months!


To register, use this link


2 – My Survey

On My Survey too, answering questionnaires gives you the right to redeem points for products, gift cards, vouchers (electronic or paper), or a transfer to your PayPal account. The partners are also good: Deezer, Ikea, iTunes, Amazon, Zalando …

To register, use this link


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3 – My opinion counts

My Opinion Account allows you to earn credits, redeemable for cash or gift certificates (on Amazon and iTunes), by participating in polls, but also to win every chance to win a random draw quarterly. You can withdraw your winnings as soon as your credits reach € 2.50.


You can also consult the testimony of one of my readers who gives his opinion on My Opinion Account.

To register, Use this link


4 – Your Opinion

The advantage of Your Opinion is its wide choice of brand partners: Amazon, Zalando, Fnac, Carrefour, iTunes, Mango, Decathlon … Gift cards can be electronic or paper, whichever you prefer.


The principle is the same as for other sites: you accumulate points by answering surveys (up to 10 points per survey), polls lasting 15 to 20 minutes, and can exchange them for gift cards from 20 points.


You can also consult the testimony of one of my readers who gives his opinion on Your Opinion.

To register, use this link



5 – I-say (Ipsos)

Finally, I-Say offers to redeem the points accumulated during survey responses against electronic coupons, gift cards or donations, starting from a minimum balance of 990 points.


There are also beautiful brands, with Amazon, iTunes, Decathlon or Ikea. Plus: the points never expire as long as your account exists!

To register, use this link


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Multi-pay sites

More commonly called GPT (for “Get Paid To”), multi-pay sites allow you to earn money by performing various tasks: responding to polls, paid emails, paid clicks, “like” Facebook pages, participate in contests and sweepstakes, test free software and applications or games online, order products, watch videos …


In general, these rewarding actions earn you points, which can be redeemed for cash or gifts.


6 – Ba-Click

On Ba-Click, you have an inbox on the platform from which you can perform various tasks (open paid emails, participate in contests, sign up for newsletters …).


You then accumulate “coins” that you can redeem in the store for gift cards at Amazon, Decathlon, or other signs, or for cash.

To register, use this link

7 – Swagbucks

On Swagbucks, you earn SPs that you can redeem for cash or gift cards (iTunes, Zalando, PayPal).


For this, you have the choice between many actions including the use of the search bar! Plus: Swagbucks is also a Cashback site.



Popular multi-pay sites include Moolinéo. However, it does not appear in our “top 10” because it does not offer gift cards: payments are made only by check, or by PayPal.

Income-generating applications

Remunerative applications allow you to earn money or gifts via your mobile, every day!


Most of these applications require you to perform paid assignments or perform short actions such as unlocking your phone or watching videos, but there are also cashback applications like iGraal, which we’ve already talked about.


Remunerative applications are a great way to make money quickly and effortlessly – paid assignments or tasks usually only last a few seconds or minutes at most.


Their advantage is that since they work on your mobile, you can use them anywhere, anytime (by shopping, for example) and fill the lost hours by earning money (bus, subway), waiting for line…).


8 – AppBounty

AppBounty is an application that allows you to win Amazon gift cards in different ways: by downloading games and applications, keeping games and apps on your phone and using them regularly, watching videos and referring friends.


Thanks to our AppBounty referral code, you will get 50 free points for your registration:  hesgmziu


9 – Feature Points

FeaturePoints allows you to make money by downloading apps and using them for 1 to 5 minutes. You earn points redeemable for Amazon gift certificates, or cash on your PayPal account.


With our FeaturePoints referral code, you’ll earn your points today:  KRYZ4N.



10 – Cashpirate

Cashpirate works on the same principle, but with the viewing of videos and more. The advantage is that the payment threshold is very low (€ 2.50 or 2,500 points).


The application also offers a referral system with two levels of referrals (10% for the first, 5% for the second). Feel free to sign up using our ABWDKR referral code.


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